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CADOChief Administrative Dental Officer
CADOContract Award Documents Online
CADOCost Allocation Distribution Options
CADOChief Area Dental Officer
CADOChief, Airport District Office
CADOColorado Association of DARE Officers
CADOCalifornia Amusement Device Operators
CADOCentre for Applied Dynamics and Optimization (University of Western Australia)
CADOCommunity Animation and Development Organization (Sierra Leone)
CADOCalifornia Association of Dispensing Opticians (est. 1939)
CADOContext-aware Applications with Distributed Ontologies
CADOCoordinated Air Defense Operations
CADOChief Air Doctrine and Operations (Canadian Forces)
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Korea had no answer to Hong Kong's efficiency and were reduced to mere spectators as the Asian champions added another four tries with McQueen completing his hat-trick, and further tries to Jones, Cado Lee and Eni Gesinde.
tibi non ante verso lene merum cado cum flore, Maecenas, rosarum et pressa tuis balanus capillis iamdudum apud me est (3.
In a study cited by Greenwald, Leitenberg, Cado and Tarran (1990:503) a random sample of adult women were compared with those who had been abused either in childhood or in adolescence.
Arrange some tomato slices, avo cado slices, arugula, and eel on half the toasted bread slices and reserve the remaining arugula.
There were other fine soul-funk outfits on the far side of the pond during those years - AWB, FBI, Cado Belle, Gonzalez and Moon, among them.
The Target contains multiple productive formations, including the Strawn and Cado Conglomerates.
Regional development is a priority for the NT Government and CADO will ensure Alice Springs is actively involved in the Northern Australia Development agenda.
We are pleased to now offer prenatal testing through our network with the use of Sequenom's patented technology," said Sylvie Cado, Chief Operating Officer of Laboratoire Cerba.
The Philippines came back strongly with tries from Matt Saunders and Andrew Wolff but a sniping run from sub and scrumhalf Cado Lee ensured a comfortable win for Hong Kong.
Last year, Cado Products of Fitchburg bought the Union Products line and began making its lawn and garden items in Fitchburg again, said Mr.
Entertainment aside, Retiro has a darker aspect: it contains the only known statue of Lucifer, El Angel Cado (the Fallen Angel).