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CADOCCabinet des Affaires Douanières et Connexes (Cameroon)
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Councillor Neil Moore, who represents the Cadoc ward, said the area contains night spots, takeaways and a Tesco supermarket.
The figures for Cadoc 3 include more than 87 incidents of anti-social behaviour and 68 of violent crime.
The total crime for the Cadoc area [in January] has gone down by 10% or more.
Overall Cadoc 3 has the fifth highest crime rate in Wales.
Cadoc had a disastrous impact on many of those close to him.
But Cadoc was a persuasive and charismatic figure, and attracted devoted followers and students.
In many of the stories about Cadoc, he is vengeful and unforgiving in the extreme.
Nor did Cadoc enjoy good relations with the other Welsh saints.
David summoned a synod, a church meeting, to sort this out: but he failed to invite Cadoc, possibly because the two men were rivals for the leadership of the church.
The purpose of the timber building is unproven but considering the structure's age, size, aceramic nature and the lack of domestic refuse it might be the remains of the lost church of St Cadoc, amongst the earliest of the Celtic saints active around the middle of the sixth century.
What we know but can't prove is that the wooden church of St Cadoc was still standing when the Normans arrived and built Monmouth castle.
Residents and businesses in the Dyfan, Gibbonsdown, Court and Cadoc wards of Barry are invited to take part in the event, see proposals and share their opinions with the project team.