CADPConstruction and Analysis of Distributed Processes
CADPCoalition Against Database Piracy
CADPCollagen-Adenosine Diphosphate
CADPCentral Area Data Processing
CADPCapital Asset Development Plan (Australia)
CADPCoordinator for Automatic Data Processing
CADPCooperative Antenna Development Program
CADPConstruction Acceptance Data Package
cADPcollaborative Advanced Design Project (Darmstadt University of Technology)
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We are extremely gratified to further this field and continue our relationship with NCI by participating in the CADP.
For most of their business lives, CADP and NCDC provided very similar services to rural utilities.
Among the companies Goldstein oversees as CEO of CHOICE Administrators and of particular interest to CADP conference attendees is Choice Builder, the nation's only ancillary health insurance exchange for small business.
Keith Kupferschmid, Vice President for Intellectual Property Policy and Enforcement at the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), spoke on behalf of the CADP at today's hearing, applauding the Members for their vision and leadership while suggesting various improvements that would make the legislation even stronger.
The CADP, a broad-based coalition formed to pursue the enactment of federal law to prevent misappropriation of databases, believes that the threat to the availability of organized, timely and comprehensive information is real and must be responded to swiftly.
a founding CADP member, said "we are delighted to have yet another leading e-commerce company joining the fight against database piracy and look forward to working together for passage of this important legislation.
For more information on database piracy and CADP, please visit http://www.
Already, CADP has secured voluntary agreements from nearly all the dental directors of its dental plan members to use the new audit instrument.
The CADP is an association of the state's Knox-Keene licensed managed care dental plans that promote, through education and collective action, the mutual interests of the industry.
He has been actively involved with the CADP for more than eight years.
Otherwise, CADP will keep the data on high-performance HDD, ensuring that the more expensive SSD resources are fully optimized and available for performance-driven data.
Exceptionally high performance is achieved by the CADP software, which monitors I/Os in real-time, ensuring that high demand data hotspots reside on the faster SSD.