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CADRCARE Act Data Report
CADRChild Abuse Death Review (Florida)
CADRConstrained Anisotropic Diffusion Routing
CADRCritical Airworthiness Design Review
CADRChange Add Delete Request (United States Air Force)
CADRComputer-Aided Design Reliability
CADRClean Air Delivery Rate
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Constant Annual Default Rate ("CADR"): The CADR for 2011 is equivalent to 1.
1] Efavirenz is a constituent of the FDCAs, so we have been actively surveying and documenting suspected FDCA-associated CADRs at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.
From equation 1, the degree of PAC effectiveness necessary to have a meaningful effect on UFP concentrations in an indoor environment is not only dependent on its intrinsic CADR values.
0% CADR for HY bonds, while the stressed case scenarios assume a range between 1.
1 ]The CADR indicates how much filtered air is delivered (airflow) by the air purifier and how well the system removes tobacco smoke, dust and pollen pollutants from the air (efficiency).
Energy inputs for stand-alone filtration were calculated by multiplying CADR by power efficacy ([epsilon]filter) reported by Waring et al.
CADR test results are expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM), with a number rating for three "yardstick" particles: tobacco smoke, dust and pollen.
European CLOs Variable Year Current Assumptions CADR 2014 1.
The CADR is first defined as the volume of filtrated air delivered by the air cleaners.
CADR is relevant to the formaldehyde removal efficiency of the photocatalytic filter, and is related to the airflow rate passing though the photocatalytic filter.
The CADR purpose is to combine and quantify all of the air cleaner effectiveness factors for easy comparison between different units; it is determined in a standardized test chamber that is initially well mixed.