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CADRECollege of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education
CADREConsortium for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education
CADRECycle-Accurate Deterministic Replay (hardware debugging)
CADRECost Analysis Data Requirement
CADRECorporate Alternative Dispute Resolution Enterprises
CADRECourt Administered Dispute Resolution (Santa Barbara County Superior Court)
CADREComputer-Aided Data Review and Evaluation
CADRECentre for African Development Research and Education (London, England, UK)
CADREComputer Assisted Detection and Reports Enhancement System
CADREComputer-Aided Design for Research and Engineering
CADRECapacity for Applied Developmental Research and Evaluation (CIHR)
CADRECover and Deception Research Encyclopedia
CADRECenter for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, & Education
CADREComputer-Assisted Dispatch & Reporting Enhancement
CADREChargeback Automated Dispute Resolution Environment (banking)
CADREComputer-Aided Data Reduction & Evaluation
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Around 600 officials of the management cadre were appointed in 2011 but even after the passage of nine years, we continue to serve in the same grade,' he said.
A technology-enabled real estate investment platform, Cadre provides qualified individuals and institutions access to fully vetted commercial real estate opportunities.
Donc si les arts se faconnent sur le modele d'un cadre (parergon) stable et symetrique, donnant lieu a l'oeuvre (ergon), c'est pour le deborder, le distordre, l'ecarteler, le faire eclater et y inclure ce qui est au-dela, << hors de son champ, de sa vue et de sa sensibilite (15) >>, dans une harmonie toujours renegociee et recodifiee.
The students were divided into groups and given the task of preparing and delivering a special event, with the support of the Qatargas cadre leaders, at the closing ceremony of the programme on day three.
We then provide some background on Zhejiang's revolutionary history, which gave rise to the guerrilla/southbound cadre cleavage in the political elite.
Cadre expert consultants specialize in information security system installation, support, training, and assessment.
Most studies on the Chinese cadre system fail to draw on the theoretical insights provided by the existing body of literature on elites in general, (1) and in relation to China in particular.
Le ministre de l'Agriculture, l'ingenieur Mohamed Reda Ismail, a annonce que les Emirats Arabes Unis injecteraient des investissements de 3 milliards de dollars en Egypte dans le cadre de quatre geants projets dans le secteur agricole.
The said cadre are proud of the vocational and exceptional achievements of this Agency that has registered an unprecedented incident in the history of the press activity in Iraq, being the first independent Iraqi news agency.
A party is considered as successful if it has quality cadre and free competition of ideas and views, says Emin Azemi in Tuesday's commentary.
Training Soldiers is not an easy task and requires much dedication from a cadre of top-notch Soldiers, primarily noncommissioned officers (NCOs).
Tom Harvey, FAIA, MPH, FACHA, LEED AP, senior vice president of HKS, serves as president of CADRE.