CADRGCompressed ARC (Arc-Second Raster Chart) Digitized Raster Graphics
CADRGChemopreventive Agent Development Research Group (cancer)
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According to EVC Geospatial Director, Nick Nazarenko "East View is one of the few commercial companies to support the CADRG and ADRG formats, the primary map background file formats used in most automated command and control systems.
CADRG is a compressed version of ADRG (ARC Digitized Raster Graphics).
This is all done in class using raster data such as CADRG or imagery as a spatial reference.
Louis, Missouri, saw the potential for using Adobe Acrobat to create digital map display files that were more useful and accessible than CADRG, with better resolution when users zoom in for a closer look.
Maps at a 1:50,000 scale can be used successfully with DTED Level 2 and SRTM elevation data for line-of-sight analyses and weapons fans, but the use of DTED Level 1 with 1:50,000-scale CADRGs should be discouraged due to inaccuracies in lower-resolution elevation data.
The ADRG and CADRG are scanned versions of paper maps.
The monthly CADRG update mentioned above, NIMA Reference Number CDRGAUPD NSN 7644-01-454-5188, provides the latest updates.
Command and Control PC (C2PC) can read either ADRG or CADRG although some maps may be available only in ADRG format.
The expansions for these acronyms are ADRG (ARC Digital Raster Graphic), CADRG (compressed ARC Digital Raster Graphic), CIB [R]; (controlled Image Base [R]), and DTE [R](Digital Terrain Elevation Data).