CADTCertificate of Ancestral Domain Title
CADTCascade of Attention-Deficit Teenagers (open-source software development model)
CADTCenter for Alcohol and Drug Treatment
CADTCentral Australia Daylight Savings Time
CADTComputer Aided Drafting Technology
CADTCentral Advice and Duty Team
CADTControl Application Development Tool
CADTCentre for Arts Development Training (UK)
CADTCritical Area Driving Tour
CADTCannot Add and Does Not Try
CADTCompetence Analysis & Development Tool
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Heather Morris, 67, is another service user, said: "When we heard about the CADT closing, there were a large number of people who stood up at those meetings and said 'without this service they wouldn't be here today' so I made up my mind and decided that I would be here today to protest.
Centre manager at CADT, Val Jones, said: "I am delighted that this piece of public art will be sited in a city centre location for everyone to enjoy.
By contrast, in the Echo article there is a comment from Mr McCandless, the manager of SOLAS, one of the agencies who allegedly will pick up the work if CADT is destroyed.
Therefore I once again urge Coun Hinchey to clarify with urgency exactly who and where is supposed to provide services dealing with the large number of complex-needs clients handled by CADT.
Apart from individuals, Mr Serjent reveals that a number of artsrelated outfits such as ACID, ACME and CADT, the Centre for Arts Development and Training, are also members along with the radio focused Ariel Trust which will be recording the Palm House show for a documentary.
During the third quarter of 2000, we will begin offering new degree programs in Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology ("CEET") and Computer Drafting and Design ("CDD") to new students at three ITT Technical Institutes instead of the EET and CADT programs.
He said if it wasn't for the help from CADT he didn't think he would be alive today.
Rhys, who has also experienced first-hand the support CADT has given to the families of those who are struggling with addictions, added: "It just goes to show it's struck a chord with people.
Ms Wood said: "I have been contacted by staff working for the CADT team who are concerned about the impact of proposals to withdraw funding by Cardiff council.
I am still having counselling with CADT and, as a service-user, I'm going to be left in limbo.
Rhondda AM Geraint Davies joined the call for much quicker treatment to end the misery and said: ``The CADT stopped taking any more drug misusers in the summer because of a pounds 100,000 shortfall.