CADTCertificate of Ancestral Domain Title
CADTCascade of Attention-Deficit Teenagers (open-source software development model)
CADTCenter for Alcohol and Drug Treatment
CADTCentral Australia Daylight Savings Time
CADTComputer Aided Drafting Technology
CADTCentral Advice and Duty Team
CADTControl Application Development Tool
CADTCentre for Arts Development Training (UK)
CADTCritical Area Driving Tour
CADTCannot Add and Does Not Try
CADTCompetence Analysis & Development Tool
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03 Series of 2017 dated January 3, 2017, an Ordinance Regulating Entry of Migrants into Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT)areas within this municipality [San Miguel] and Providing Penalty for any Violation thereof stated that No migrants including peoples organization and nongovernmental organization shall be allowed to enter into CADT areas within the municipality for any of the following purposes without clearance from the Municipal Tribal Office.
Adaptation Decision Process (ADP): To determine a precise and proper adapted content version based on CADT, we propose an ADP algorithm, which can determine a suitable version of the existing adapted content.
The Results: Before the CADT initiation, height and weight were recorded in 66% of the visits; after initiation the rate increased to 94%.
Milalittra was among the communities granted a CADT in 2003.
Their pending title registration with the Registry of Deeds (RoD) under the Land Registration Authority (LRA) has caused widespread selling and buying of lands within the Milalittra CADT.
Heather Morris, 67, is another service user, said: "When we heard about the CADT closing, there were a large number of people who stood up at those meetings and said 'without this service they wouldn't be here today' so I made up my mind and decided that I would be here today to protest.
CADT was set up in 1990 to improve the employment chances of the creative community.
Then call in during weekdays at the Forum's HQ at the CADT building, off Brownlow Hill, Liverpool.
Several claimants, however, have questioned the CADT.
Most people who attend the CADT counselling service have faced severe hardship, stress and challenge in their lives and yet with skilled counselling support they find the strength to change their course.
CADT offers nationally recognised qualifications in Community Arts Management (NVQ Level 4)and Arts Administration and Business Start-up(NVQLevel 3).
The task force also suspended the collection of quarry fees amounting to P550 by the Sangguniang Tribung Aeta ng CADT 025 (STA), P200 by the Bamban Aeta Tribal Association, loading fees of between P90 and P210 by the CDC, and P650 by the provincial capitol.