CADVCenter against Domestic Violence (Brooklyn, NY)
CADVCardiovascular Associates of the Delaware Valley (Haddon Heights, NJ)
CADVCombined Alternate Data Voice
CADVChild and Adolescent Development
CADVCommission against Domestic Violence (Tacoma, WA)
CADVClaim Advice Queue
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None of the rodents captured in Chihuahua (n = 9), Coahuila (n = 16), Guanajuato (n = 8), Oaxaca (n = 64), Puebla (n = 15), Sinaloa (n = 9), Sonora (n = 22), or Tlaxcala (n = 16) were antibody-positive to CADV strain VHV-574.
CADV care staff will use a secure, two-way broadband IP data connection and a modem provided by Comcast to share personalized, non-emergency healthcare reminders and educational information with patients in a familiar, intuitive and interactive video-rich manner through the patient's television set.
Toward that end, the CADV began its efforts to address the issue by forming a study and policy workgroup consisting of representatives from the courts, child protective services (CPS), victim advocates, and law enforcement.
Comcast Corporation supported the pilot study by providing a secure IP data connection that enabled patients participating in the study to communicate with CADV interactively and receive personalized information through their home television.