CAEBCooperativa Archivistica e Bibliotecaria (Italian: Cooperative Archivist and Librarian)
CAEBCommissariaat voor het Arboricole Erfgoed Van Brussel (Dutch)
CAEBCorporate Audit and Evaluation Branch (Canada)
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5 shows the equivalent circuits of the modified CAEB qZSI operating in the CCM for the shoot-through and active (b) states.
The boost ratio of the input voltage of the MCAEB topology is the same as of CAEB qZSI (10).
8 shows the general operating waveforms of the CAEB and MCAEB qZSI topologies.
The average values of capacitor voltages of the CAEB and MCAEB qZSI topologies obtained during the simulations are compared in Table 1.