CAECCouncil for Asia-Europe Cooperation (research institution network)
CAECCentral Asian Economic Community (est. 1994)
CAECCentral Alabama Electric Cooperative
CAECCenter for Analysis of Environmental Change
CAECClinical Audit and Effectiveness Committee (National Health Service; UK)
CAECCoronary Arterial Endothelial Cells
CAECCenter for Aquatic Ecology and Conservation (Illinois)
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En lo que respecta a la Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG) tenia registrados 190 CA en el ano 2001, para el 2002 aumento a 350 y disminuyo dos en el 2004; sin embargo, para el 2013 estaban registrados 374, de los cuales 199 eran CAEF, 112 CAEC y 63 CAC.
In this article, we describe a new use of a CAEC, in combination with a rigid bronchoscope, to intubate the trachea of a child with an anatomically challenging airway secondary to congenital anomalies.
CAEC is a catheter that is usually used for exchanging the tracheal tube, and it has a removable Rapi-Fit Adapter that permits ventilation.
En cuanto a los resultados obtenidos al comparar el grupo de mujeres con cancer y el de mujeres sanas cuando imaginaron tener cancer (segunda sesion), el ANOVA indico que existian diferencias estadisticamente significativas en todos los factores que integran el CAEC y el MAC, encontrandose las medias mas altas entre las mujeres sanas cuando imaginaban tener cancer, excepto en los factores "Negacion" y "Espiritu de lucha" del MAC.
Hans Maull and Akihito Tanaka, "The Geopolitical Dimension", in The Rationale and Common Agenda for Asia-Europe Cooperation -- CAEC Task Force Reports (Tokyo and London: Council for Asia-Europe Cooperation 1997), pp.
MAF 186/24, Letter from Berkshire CAEC to Ministry of Agriculture, 8 Aug.
The CAEC represents a hi-tech teaching/ learning environment applicable to instruction in many subjects.
CAEC began investigating in March following claims the UK was in breach of the Arms Trade Treaty and are due to publish their report shortly.
For the 27 patients intubated using an introducer or CAEC, the device was placed in the trachea using a laryngoscope with a standard MacIntosh blade.
2 million) Cinemas: 1,252 Screens: 3,760 Top exhibs by screens: CAEC 365 Yelmo Cineplex 333 ACEC 254 UCC 253 UCI Cinesa 252 Source: ICAA, exhibitors
In a letter to Cable, CAEC chairman Sir John Stanley said: "The effect of your decision to refuse to provide the names of the companies concerned is to deny the Committees the ability to take evidence from those companies.