CAECECommunauté d'Agglomération Évry Centre Essonne (French: Evry Center Agglomeration Community of Essonne; Essonne, France)
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He has been appointed an Honorary Professor of Information Technology at Universidad CAECE in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has received numerous honors and awards from other universities and professional societies around the world.
Acquisition of newspapers, magazines and periodicals for equipment of CAECE and communities under the common memory and documentation service.
Profesora de la Universidad CAECE, Argentina y de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Directora de Tiempo y Espacio Capacitacion docente, Profesora adjunta de la Universidad CAECE, coordinadora de proyectos de la Fundacion Educambiente, ex investigadora del CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas de la Republica Argentina), ex Coordinadora de Ciencias Sociales para la Transformacion Educativa del Ministerio de Educacion de la Republica Argentina.
Provision of training 4 officers CAECE hardware propose.
For information purposes, the total annual estimated, suggested, needs for equipment of CAECE East for lot No.
Diagnostic services relating to the management of risks associated with asbestos and PAHs in the heritage of the CAECE.
This consultation covers assistance and legal advice in the structure of the contract for the supply of heat produced by the ICSD Vert-le-Grand on the heat network CAECE for the needs of SIREDOM and additional services.
Mastery of urban mission work in developing the proposed development on the site of the stadium of the French Rugby Federation: the CAECE wants to compete multidisciplinary teams through a competitive dialogue procedure provided for in Articles 36 and 67 of the Public Procurement Code.