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CAEFCommittee of Associations of European Foundries
CAEFCampaign against Euro Federalism (est. 1991)
CAEFCoalition Against Election Fraud (Massachusetts)
CAEFCommunautés et Assemblées Évangéliques de France (French: Communities and Evangelical Assemblies of France)
CAEFCzech American Enterprise Fund (US State Department)
CAEFCentre for the Analysis of Educational Futures (Australia)
CAEFColorado Aerospace Education Foundation (Colorado Springs, CO)
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En lo que respecta a la Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG) tenia registrados 190 CA en el ano 2001, para el 2002 aumento a 350 y disminuyo dos en el 2004; sin embargo, para el 2013 estaban registrados 374, de los cuales 199 eran CAEF, 112 CAEC y 63 CAC.
From July 2011 this ethical option invested in the CAEF to provide greater potential for strong risk-adjusted return.
After the first counseling session ended, the participants completed the CAEF and the CRF-S, then came to another Stop page.
The Democracy Movement in conjunction with CAEF - the Campaign against Euro Federalism are holding a public meeting.
Anyone who wishes to hear some of the very many sound reasons why Britain should not be succumbed into EMU, will be welcome to join us in the Assembly Rooms, Tamworth on Friday the February 5 and hear Richard Shepherd MP, Simon Wolfson of Business for St erling and Ron Dorman of CAEF.
Profesora de Tiempo Completo Division de Ciencias Economico Administrativas; integrante del CAEF.
Currently, the total volume of iron and steel castings produced by the foundries in the CAEF member states is 11 million tons/year (Fig.