CAEFSCanadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies
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CAEFS, supra note 10 at 43 shows that 79 of the 115 cases analyzed in the Department of Justice consultation document, supra note 9, "fit the historical model of patriarchal rage" centered on intimate relationships, including killing woman partners and killing men who were in intimate relationships with the former partner of the accused.
15) As the Executive Director of CAEFS has said: |It really tried our souls to be designing a priso don't believe women should be in prison' (quoted in Kershaw and Lasovich 1991: 234).
CAEFS (1988), Sentencing in Context: Revealing the Realities of Women in Conflict with the Law.
CAEFS has launched a human rights complaint against the federal government for its treatment of women federal inmates.
While CAEFS is still making every effort to work with Corrections Canada to protect and maintain conditions for women in prisons, some activists are adjusting their focus to look at ways to keep women out of prison in the first place and stop the chronic recycling of the prison population through emphasis on prevention in the community and follow-up after release.
According to CAEFS, 17 percent of all offences are committed by women.