CAEPCanadian Association of Emergency Physicians
CAEPCommittee on Aviation Environmental Protection (ICAO)
CAEPChina Academy of Engineering Physics
CAEPCertificat d'Aptitude a l'Exercice de la Profession
CAEPCouncil for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (Washington, DC)
CAEPCentro de Apoyo a la Educación Popular (Spanish: Center for Popular Education Support; Bolivia)
CAEPCampus Alternative Education Program (at-risk students)
CAEPComputer-Aided Electronic Packaging
CAEPCommunicating for Agriculture Education Program
CAEPCertificat d'Aptitude à l'Education Préscolaire (French: Certificate in Early Childhood Education; Senegal)
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The CAEP standards promote criteria to assess teacher education programs aimed at increasing teacher quality, student academic success, and recruitment of teachers of color.
The CAEP recognized that the system needed to provide meaningful emissions results over a diverse set of aircraft categories that maintained different purposes and capabilities.
Tina Marshall-Bradley, a CAEP commissioner and a professor and associate vice president at Paine College, of the accreditation merger and standards overhaul.
CAEP recommended adoption of a new aircraft noise certification standard that would reduce the noise from new type design aircraft by seven decibels relative to the Chapter 4/Stage 4 standard adopted by ICAO in 2001, which became effective in 2006.
CAEP [7] sums the contributions of the individual EPs.
A second option would involve a CAEP review of clusters of program areas, which could be used for state approval, but not national recognition.
It is important for us to explore CAEP for better understanding in searching for invaluable inspiration to our biomimetics.
For those of us in schools of education, who now are subject to the corporate-style thinking and audit culture of NCATE and CAEP, and who must often prepare their students for depersonalized "performance" licensing tests created by for-profit corporations, the ecological approach in research firmly focuses us on the experiences and understandings of the people who have shown the desire to teach.
Efforts to establish similarly comprehensive standards for teacher preparation, such as those being developed by CAEP, should be applauded.
Since 2010, when the ICAO Council directed CAEP to develop the standard, ICCAIA, alongside ICAO member states, intergovernmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, has worked extensively to develop a robust, fair and equitable metric system.
CAEP also initiated work on assessing the need for a more stringent standard for aircraft noise.
A330, with the greatest margin to CAEP 4 legislation.