CAEPCanadian Association of Emergency Physicians
CAEPCommittee on Aviation Environmental Protection (ICAO)
CAEPClassification by Aggregating Emerging Patterns (computer theory)
CAEPChina Academy of Engineering Physics
CAEPCertificat d'Aptitude a l'Exercice de la Profession
CAEPCouncil for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (Washington, DC)
CAEPCentro de Apoyo a la Educación Popular (Spanish: Center for Popular Education Support; Bolivia)
CAEPCampus Alternative Education Program (at-risk students)
CAEPComputer-Aided Electronic Packaging
CAEPCommunicating for Agriculture Education Program
CAEPCertificat d'Aptitude à l'Education Préscolaire (French: Certificate in Early Childhood Education; Senegal)
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The paper by Evans in this issue of the journal provides evidence to inform this debate about the CAEP standard concerning admissions requirements.
Table 3 validated that the objective function value found by RABC was better than that of each of GA4, HGA, CPSO, CAEP, and original ABC and little higher the HPSO.
In 2013, CAEP was established as the agency responsible for the accreditation of teacher education programs in the United States.
While CAEP believes this new standard will result in higher quality candidates, overwhelming research indicates that traditional measures, such as standardized test scores and GPAs, are not accurate predictors of whether or not a potential new educator holds the necessary skills to teach successfully (Riggs & Riggs, 1991).
The CAEP standards promote criteria to assess teacher education programs aimed at increasing teacher quality, student academic success, and recruitment of teachers of color.
Our university recently implemented a new program to better address teacher preparation; because of CAEP standards, we now closely monitor effective practices and students' achievement outcomes during their year-long teacher internships and beyond.
The system, which can be installed on vehicles, shot down more than 30 drones in a recent test with a "100 percent success rate" said the CAEP statement.
Moreover, this approach is aligned with the new Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Standards, for which CAEP board members Ginsberg and Levine claim "programs will be judged by the real-world impact of their graduates in the classroom" thereby "dismissing the ghosts of failed process-oriented efforts that enabled providers to produce educators without any direct sense of the impact of their training on instruction and learning" (Ginsberg & Levine, 2013).
In their literature, CAEP officials say they also plan "to show the value we add to the quality assurance, accountability, and the overall performance of the profession.
11076022), and the Research Fund of Key Laboratory of CEMC Science & Technology of CAEP (FZ2012-2-O1).
1958, the CAEP has used names of entities that include the Ninth
The CAEP has reached an agreement on certification procedures, which will feature in future international standards for CO2 emissions from aircraft.