CAEPRCentre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research
CAEPRComprehensive Adverse Event and Potential Risks (clinical drug trials)
CAEPRCentre for Alternative Economic Policy Research (Australia)
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The CAEPR school proposes that Aboriginal people have a 'choice' to live remotely and traditionally (Rowse 2002).
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Since joining CAEPR in 1995, he has carried out primary and secondary research on issues as diverse as Aboriginal community-controlled schools, notions of educational 'failure' and 'success' among Indigenous students, Indigenous workforce development, and Indigenous education outcomes at the primary, secondary and post-compulsory levels.
Earlier versions were presented at the 2001 meeting of the Australian Anthropological Society, at the workshop Custom: The Fate of Non-Western Law and Indigenous Governance in the 21st Century, held at The Australian National University in 2002, and in the CAEPR Seminar Series at The Australian National University in 2003.