CAERUCarleton Applied Economics Research Unit (Carleton University; Canada)
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In addition, the CAERUS project seeks to detect barriers to provision of basic services in post-conflict settings.
Pam Smith, garden director, said: 'The Caerus system provides an easy-to-use tool that supports our mission of developing our resources for education and research.
Without the use of Havok's Vision Engine and associated tools and technologies, Embers of Caerus would not be half the game it is shaping up to be," says Dave Belcher Technical Director at Forsaken Studios.
Gregory Borchardt, Managing Director of Caerus Ventures, and a veteran of the consumer electronics industry, said, In all my years of developing consumer products, I am most excited about the impact that this breakthrough technology will have in augmenting or replacing lithium-ion batteries and making products more energy efficient, from the smallest smartphones, to servers and automotive batteries.
But like Heifer and other outfits that face drawbacks such as limited scope and the massive challenges of bringing large populations out of poverty, companies like Caerus also have their limitations.
We are very excited to employ our proprietary platform technology to discover novel disease biomarkers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, and are fortunate to be starting this venture with two very experienced partners" said Cohava Gelber, PhD, MBA, President & CEO of Caerus Discovery, LLC.
Caerus Capital has acquired Paradigm Financial Advisers.
Orc Software (STO:ORC), the leading global provider of technology for advanced trading and connectivity, today announced that Caerus Trading BV, an Amsterdam-based market making firm, has selected an Orc Trading solution to support its market making operations, which is primarily focused on listed equity and index options trading.
Dash was founded in 2011 by Jeff McGregor and Gennady Spirin and serves as an early pioneer of mobile payment in the hospitality space, with backers including Caerus Ventures, New York Angels, and Jonathan Segal.
CHICAGO -- Caerus Institute of Open Innovation is organizing the first global summit on open innovation, patents, and intellectual property management, assembling leaders and speakers in innovation, engineering and intellectual property management.
OTCBB: VOIC) announced today preliminary Caerus results for the month of October, 2007.
Despite repeated calls for an immediate sale process by shareholders including Caerus Global Investors and ourselves, as well as significant creditor Yucaipa Companies, the new Board has yet to issue a public response.