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CAFCCourt of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
CAFCUS Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
CAFCCanadian Association of Fire Chiefs
CAFCCharlton Athletic Football Club (UK)
CAFCCommission for Assistance to a Free Cuba
CAFCCanada Firearms Centre
CAFCCobblestone Area-Forming Cell
CAFCCorporate Average Fuel Consumption
CAFCCrewe Alexandra Football Club
CAFCCrédit Agricole de Franche-Comté (French: Franche-Comté Agricultural Bank; Franche-Comté, France)
CAFCCercle Amicale Français de Casablanca (French: Casablanca French Friendship Circle; Casablanca, Morocco)
CAFCCentre Associatif pour Famille en Crise (French: Association Center for Families in Crisis)
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Off the field, Kingston Park CAFC is planning a number of fundraising events in aid of the Foundation.
Analogamente all~inserimento dei nuovi punti di fornitura, potranno essere dismessi punti di consegna che per motivi, ad insindacabile giudizio di CAFC SpA.
On the heels of these cases comes McRO, where the CAFC considered claims reciting a method of automating the lip synchronization of animated characters--a process previously done by human animators--using specific rules.
Although the CAFC affirmed the patent eligibility of the Prometheus patent claims as they were pertinent to the machine or transformation test, in March 2012, a unanimous Supreme Court reversed the CAFC ruling, holding that claims directed to methods of drug dosage optimization are basically a manifestation of the laws of nature and are therefore patent ineligible.
In the decision, the CAFC vacated the ITC's previous judgment that Suprema induced infringement by Mentalix of U.
37) Although this test was utilized for some time, the CAFC altered the patent-eligibility standard in 1998 in State Street Bank & Trust Co.
by which the CAFC has interpreted and developed a prudential standing
Finally, Part IV will offer concluding remarks, and explore the possible paths that the CAFC may take to reform broadening reissue patent practice.
In 2002, Arti Rai raised concerns about the CAFC's de novo appellate review of some largely factual issues, calling for the creation of a specialized patent trial court that the CAFC would defer to on questions of fact.
Although software has been patentable since the 1980s, the CAFC recently held that simply programming a general purpose computer to perform an otherwise unpatentable business method does not make it patentable.
We feel now is the right time to make a strategic, long term investment in Charlton and get CAFC back to the English Premier League where they belong," said Zabeel's executive chairman, Mohammed Al Hashimi.