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CAFFCommunity Alliance with Family Farmers
CAFFConservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (program of the Arctic Council)
CAFFClub Atlético Fernández Fierro (Spanish; Argentine social club)
CAFFCaribbean American Football Federation
CAFFCampaign Against Factory Farming
CAFFCity of Angels Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
CAFFConcentrated Animal Feeding Facility (livestock farm; Ohio)
CAFFChildren Affected by Fighting Forces
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Conversely, although not statistically significant, this study suggests that creatine may negatively affect the ergogenic properties of caffeine because both VT and VO2 max were lower in the CRE+CAFF trial when compared to the CAFF trial.
They are similar to CAFFs in that they confine animals for 45 or more days.
Members of the CAFF Flora Group will manage the database, and data will be disseminated through the CAFF ArcticData Portal (http:// www.
Thomas Holland, Chief Investment Officer of CAFF, said, "Our philosophy is to seek uncrowded investment opportunities, and we are confident that exploiting these still insufficiently explored markets will generate attractive returns.
CAFF is backed by the Arctic Council, comprising the United States, Russia, Canada and the five Nordic nations.
The new TV ad, which hits screens next week, focuses on the proposition that Nescafe Half Caff has the "rich, full-bodied taste" of regular Nescafe but contains only half the caffeine.
The British Caff triumphantly resists this gentrification.
Urnex Brands has acquired Puro Caff Brand espresso machine cleaning products from Pacific Espresso of Santa Cruz, California.
One theory in our trade is that staffers on the conservative USA architecture-related mags have become adept at nipping out to the local internet caff when an unprintable rumour comes in.
May I suggest that while customers were not sitting uncomfortably on vertical drinking pods at his up-market caff, they were in fact frequenting the city centre's other bars, clubs and restaurants where they could relax and eat food more grown-up than fish finger and sausage sandwiches, probably for not much more than a fiver.
The CAFF was established as part of the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy (AEPS) adopted by the Nordic Council through a Ministerial Declaration at Rovaniemi, Finland, in 1991.
Under the Arctic Council, CAFF focuses on a range of Arctic environmental issues such as biodiversity, habitat protection, and species conservation within an ecosystem approach.