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CAFFCommunity Alliance with Family Farmers
CAFFConservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (program of the Arctic Council)
CAFFClub Atlético Fernández Fierro (Spanish; Argentine social club)
CAFFCampaign Against Factory Farming
CAFFCity of Angels Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
CAFFConcentrated Animal Feeding Facility (livestock farm; Ohio)
CAFFChildren Affected by Fighting Forces
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They are similar to CAFFs in that they confine animals for 45 or more days.
Thomas Holland, Chief Investment Officer of CAFF, said, "Our philosophy is to seek uncrowded investment opportunities, and we are confident that exploiting these still insufficiently explored markets will generate attractive returns.
YOU'VE 'BEAN' FRAMED: Two police officers leave Caff Nero to return to their vehicle in the pedestrian zone at King Street
The new TV ad, which hits screens next week, focuses on the proposition that Nescafe Half Caff has the "rich, full-bodied taste" of regular Nescafe but contains only half the caffeine.
In explaining the decision to proceed with the acquisition, Urnex Brands' president, Joshua Dick said, "We have always admired the quality of the Puro Caff Brand products and the integrity and high standards Tim O'Connor and his staff maintained in supporting the brand.
Under the Arctic Council, CAFF focuses on a range of Arctic environmental issues such as biodiversity, habitat protection, and species conservation within an ecosystem approach.
These are dominated by the coffee chains Starbucks, Costa and Caff Nero, and the sandwich chains Greggs and Subway.
The California based company will operate a coffee roasting warehouse and Tartine baking facility for its New York area operations in the building, as well as a caff and bakery to serve the surrounding neighborhood.
Coronation Street ITV, Mon, Thurs, Fri Julie and Brian have an emotional meeting in the caff.
jamie & jimmy's food fight CLUB c4 9pm Messrs Oliver and Doherty welcome a genuine Hollywood A-lister to their caff, as Gwyneth Paltrow joins them for burger and fries while riding a rollercoaster.
If they choose to have a nap during that break, instead of going to the local caff, then that's up to them.
We would soon have an Indian Caff Society, trendies telling each other: "My dear, you simply must visit this new place.