CAFICanadian Agriculture and Food International
CAFICorrective Action Feasibility Investigation (Vermont)
CAFIConférence des Alpes franco-italiennes (French)
CAFICharities Aid Foundation India (est. 1998)
CAFIComputer-Aided Fault Isolation
CAFICommanders Annual Facility Inspection
CAFICalifornia Association of Force Instructors (law enforcement)
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We therefore very much welcome the signing of this LOI with CAFI which paves the way for a long-term partnership and will help us moving towards concrete reforms and action on the ground.
This first agreement between CAFI and the DRC has been reached in just seven months since CAFI was launched during the 2015 United Nations General Assembly in New York, as a collaborative partnership between a coalition of willing donors (The European Union, Germany, Norway, France and the United Kingdom), six Central African Partner Countries (Central African Republic, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Republic of Congo), and Brazil as South-South partner.
This new load center feature allows for faster installation of the new Plug-on Neutral CAFI and Dual Function circuit breakers saving contractors time and wire.
Dual Function Circuit Breakers provide Combination Arc Fault and Ground Fault Protection in one Circuit Breaker: Dual Function Plug-on Neutral Circuit Breakers allow contractors to meet the 2014 NEC Code requirement of providing CAFI protection to all 1-pole kitchen and laundry circuits in addition to already required ground fault protection.
As per an understanding with Advantage Bank, the FDIC and Ohio Division will submit certain plans and reports to the FDIC and the Ohio Division, seeking the FDIC's and Ohio Division's approval before issuing any dividends to CAFI, as well as for maintaining its Tier 1 Leverage Capital Ratio at a minimum of 8.