CAFRACaribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action (Trinidad and Tobago)
CAFRACoastal Area Facility Review Act (New Jersey)
CAFRACivil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000
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CAFRA tried to accomplish that result by specifying that the term "civil forfeiture statute," as used in 18 U.
12) CAFRA also led to a substantial increase in forfeiture since it boosted the number of offenses subject to civil asset forfeiture at the federal level (Kelly and Kole 2013, pp.
53) CAFRA does, however, impose notice requirements for
passage of CAFRA, the federal forfeiture act in place today.
First, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court's dismissal of the plaintiffs' CAFRA claim for lack of jurisdiction.
Piety, in a very thoughtful article written before the enactment of CAFRA, captures the concern:
Problem was, the 1984 law had already spawned dozens of imitators on the state level, and CAFRA applied only to the feds.
filed against Nazi-looted art and the changes brought about by CAFRA.
The analysis by Women's Edge and CAFRA also showed that lower food prices had benefited poor families who weren't farmers, and that "free trade zones" created in the 1980s and '90s to attract foreign-owned factories had provided jobs, 90 percent of which went to young women.
One of the more important topics discussed at the Assembly was the relevance and effectiveness of CAFRA and how the ideology of feminism needs to change to address these challenges.
In 1995, the Borough of West Cape May obtained a CAFRA permit that authorized the municipality to extend its sewer lines.