CAFTCustomer Automated Funds Transfer
CAFTCanadian Aerobic Fitness Test
CAFTChild, Adolescent, and Family Therapy
CAFTComputer-Aided Filter Tuning
CAFTCoalition to Abolish the Fur Trade
CAFTComputer Aided Failure Tracking (Fujitsu Siemens)
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CAFT say raccoon fur is a commercial commodity in the USA, where wild animals are trapped and bred in factory farms.
CAFT have had Billie Bunny, a large white rabbit, as a mascot outside the NEC's Piazza entrance during the Fair, which started yesterday and finishes on Wednesday.
As a result of the intended merger, the current stockholder of CAFT would become a stockholder of PRTEE.
CAFT and LCA Joined by Animal Advocates Around the U.
The Arts and Cafts movement also used Broadway Tower as a holiday retreat, too.
Two other CAFTs went to Tokyo's two international airports to assist departing Americans and organize two chartered evacuation flights, and five Mission Japan officers, including three consular officers, did intensive contingency planning with the U.
So next time you start clamming up in a convo, try to chip in with a Paw Pab Pacts about yourself--like how you can't live without the cafts cookies, or how you love to come up with creative Halloween costumes.
Local authorities should not tax internet cafTs unless those internet cafT are selling other items such as drinks, stationary and the like," he says.