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CAFTACanadian Advocates for Tax Awareness (Ontario, Canada)
CAFTAComputer-Aided Fault-Tree Analysis
CAFTACutset and Fault Tree Analysis
CAFTACanadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance
CAFTAChina-ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Free Trade Area
CAFTACentral American Free Trade Agreement (aka Central American Free Trade Area)
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Unlike traditional special zones that just address a single dimension by using only economic incentives, the Honduran ZEDE considers four critical dimensions and addresses the legal, economic, administrative, and political(LEAP) factors that in the CAFTA region are vital for winning investment leadership.
As such, our study aims to fill the gap in international trade literature by evaluating the welfare impact of CAFTA on U.
CAFTA opponents charged that dirty campaigning, irregularities and US interference prior to and during the vote render the results fraudulent (see NotiCen, 2007-08-09 and 2007-09-27).
Costa Rican President Oscar Arias publicly said CAFTA would bring investment and jobs, and that it would be "collective suicide" if voters rejected the agreement.
Recent polls show that about 35 percent of voters support CAFTA while 26 percent oppose it and 39 percent remain undecided.
In "eurospeak," the jargon of the architects of the European Union, CAFTA and SPP are examples of the processes known as "broadening"--by which more members are added to the arrangement--and "deepening"--by which more powers are gradually transferred from the member nation-states to the EU's supranational institutions.
was one of just a few Democratic legislators who openly supported CAFTA from the start, because it stands to bring significant export opportunities to his district.
CAFTA will diminish trade and investment barriers, as well as enhance business prospects for American companies," said Leslie G.
Supporters and opponents agreed that President Bush's more ambitious goal of creating a Free Trade Area of the Americas would be unthinkable without passage of the much smaller CAFTA.
Comprehensive trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA reflect the culmination of years of painstaking negotiation.
The PR firm Summit Communications, which promotes CAFTA, argues, "Enactment of CAFTA between the U.
On CAFTA, 27 voted no and the treaty passed only after two Republicans were persuaded to change their votes from nay to aye.