CAFTA-DRCentral America Free Trade Agreement-Dominican Republic
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During the expedited CAFTA-DR negotiations, (10) environmentalists and legal scholars heatedly discussed whether the Central American agreement could or should improve upon NAFTA's weak environmental protections, particularly the Chapter 11 investor-state dispute resolution mechanism that had allowed Metalclad's judgment against Mexico.
In 2009, three years after the trade deal went into effect, a pair of mining companies with interests in El Salvador used the CAFTA-DR to launch legal proceedings against the Salvadoran government via the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), a World Bank-affiliated investor-rights tribunal.
The sugar industry opposes the CAFTA-DR because it would give 109,000 metric tons of CA/DR sugar and sugar-containing products immediate duty-free access.
And as long as El Salvador remains a member of CAFTA-DR, or if it doesn't amend its investment law, other suits could follow, they warn.
government has conducted an extensive examination of Guatemala's compliance with its commitments under the CAFTA-DR labor chapter.
CAFTA-DR contains a compensation mechanism allowing the U.
The CAFTA-DR rules are supposed to apply only to companies hailing from one of the trade pact's seven participating countries.
Since the signing and implementation of the CAFTA-DR free trade agreement, many of our customers who were buying and manufacturing in Asia have approached us about creating an integrated program from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that includes customs clearance, expertise on the CAFTA DR free trade agreement for American importers, freight services and electronic solutions to supply chain management," noted Vincent Iacopella, Managing Director of The Janel Group of Los Angeles, Inc.
CAFTA-DR will lower tariffs on US goods destined for the Central American market.
Sugar industry officials believe that the CAFTA-DR provisions could trigger these allotments when the amount of sugar imported under the pact is added to sugar import commitments under the World Trade Organization and the North American Free Trade Agreement.
However, imports from Honduras -- the largest supplier in CAFTA-DR -- fared well, having increased by 3.