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CAGERClassification Analysis of Gene Expression Regulation (web server)
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Juanite, who was 1-of-7 in the three-point territory, still top-scored for Mouwasat with 21 points while Almodovar and Herbert Catapang each had 10 points apiece while former Liga Pilipinas cager and 6-foot-4 Alain Musni, was hardly a factor in the shaded area and finished with 8 markers and 6 rebounds.
And then the players: Jerry Armstrong, Orsten Artis, Lou Baudoin, Willie Cager, Dick Myers, Togo Railey, Nevil Shed, Willie Worsley, David Lattin, Eddie Mullens, Fred Schwake, Steve Tredennick.
Astoon Hospital was led by Junver Bunalade and Rommel Sobretodo with 17 and 15 points respectively but missed stalwart cager Eric Lumanang who has left the Kingdom on exit-only visa.
Jaco, coached by Froilan Resido and managed by Shane Loterring missed the services of ace cager Jhay-R Gragasin in this game.
From the original 1966 Texas Western College Basketball Team: Coach Don Haskins, Assistant Coach Henry Moiba, Eddie Mullins, Trainer Freddie Schoke, Jerry Armstrong, Osten Artis, Lewis Baudoin, William Cager, Harry Flournoy, Dick Myers, Albert Raley, Neville Shed, Willie Worsley, David Lattin, and more.
The tempo of the game changed during the last period when high leaping cager Gragasin was sidelined by injury with 8 minutes left in the ballgame.
This video server solution enables security system developers a high performance, comprehensive product that can be used to convert an ordinary analog camera to an intelligent digital IP surveillance camera which provides remote viewing capability and video content analysis options," said Yvonne Cager, video surveillance business manager, TI.
WiLife took advantage of this functionality to develop digital video surveillance systems solutions for mainstream consumers that are feature-rich, affordable, easy to install and sleek in design," said Yvonne Cager, video solutions business manager, TI.
Club handicap: Roman Matusiak 16-57, Trevor Wright 17-10, Russell Cager 17-40.
TI's DSP-based digital media processors have been widely adopted for video security applications because of their ability to manage the intelligent video analysis and compression on a single chip," said Yvonne Cager, worldwide DSP video solutions manager, TI.
When Divas Laugh: The Diva Squad Poetry Collective edited by Chezia Thompson Cager Inprint Editions, $16.
Tony Cager, 53, from Glasgow, had worked on the ship for 12 years and held the party on the Waverley's sister ship at Bristol docks.