CAGISCanadian Association for Girls in Science (Ontario, Canada)
CAGISCartography and Geographic Information Society
CAGISCincinnati Area Geographic Information System
CAGISChicago Area Geographic Information Study (University of Illinois)
CAGISComputer Assistance Guidance Information Software
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When forced to reflect, however, she recognizes how far CAGIS has come.
CAGIS always welcomes and supports the development of new chapters across Canada and encourages women and men in STEM to volunteer to host a CAGIS event for your local chapter.
For more on CAGIS and its founder, please turn to p.
Q: How do organizations like CAGIS help make things more equal?
Organizations like CAGIS expose girls to different areas of STEM so that they know what's out there for their futures.
Q: Do you think that CAGIS has made a difference for girls in science?