CAGWCitizens Against Government Waste
CAGWCatastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (climate change)
CAGWCultural Alliance of Greater Washington (Washington, DC)
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CONTACT: Alexa Moutevelis (Daytime), +1-202-467-5318, or Tom Finnigan (After hours), +1-202-253-3852, both for CAGW
CAGW says it has also had input from other companies, organizations and individuals but was not sure if it had ever spoken directly with anybody at ICANN and ICANN president Mike Roberts says none of the groups has ever had any contact with the non-profit corporation.
Last week, CAGW commended USPS management for making a tough decision to drop back to a five-delivery service for first-class mail in order to save $2 billion annually.
Guide to Earmark Reform gauges the new measures against ten "gold standard" recommendations long favored by CAGW, covering details such as the definition of an "earmark," the extent of transparency, and the practice of "air dropping" earmarks into conference reports.
CAGW, which has been tracking federal spending since 1991, said the 1999-2000 total set an all-time record and was up 47 percent over 1998-99.
For the second session of the 103rd Congress, CAGW tallied 37 votes in the House of Representatives and 34 votes in the Senate.
CAGW President Tom Schatz said, "While CAGW fully supports the Postal Service's right to move to a five-day delivery schedule, it is clear that doing so will not eliminate the threat of an entirely insolvent USPS or a future taxpayer bailout.
On August 2, CAGW wrote Acting Chairman Nancy Nord asking why there was a 12-year delay in promulgating a federal flammability standard for upholstered furniture.
Most of the projects in the ``Pig Book'' satisfied at least two of those criteria, CAGW said.
CAGW has spent 28 years advocating for smaller government and more efficient federal spending, including prudent cuts to the DOD budget.
The state has ranked number one in pork per capita since CAGW began calculating the statistic in 2000, pulling in $489.
Steve's impressive strategic and consulting experience will be an enormous boon to our board," said CAGW President Tom Schatz.