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CAHCongenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
CAHCritical Access Hospital
CAHChild and Adolescent Health and Development
CAHChronic Active Hepatitis
CAHCambridge Ancient History
CAHCarbonic Anhydrase
CAHClassification Ascendante Hiérarchique (French: Agglomerative Hierarchical Classification; classification method)
CAHComplexe Argilo Humique (French: Clay-Humic Complex)
CAHCapture and Hold
CAHClub de l'Amélioration de l'Habitat (French: Home Improvement Club)
CAHCertificat d'Aptitude à l'Hyperbarie (French: Hyperbaric Fitness Certificate)
CAHCitizens Against Hate
CAHComputers and the Humanities
CAHCyanide and Happiness (web comic)
CAHCenter for the Advancement of Health
CAHComportement Animal et Humain (French: Animal and Human Behavior)
CAHCentre on Aging and Health
CAHCentre Aquitain de l'Habitat (French: Aquitaine Housing Center; home rehabilitation company; Canéjan, Aquitaine, France)
CAHCinnamic Acid Hydroxylase
CAHHelicopter-Carrying Heavy Cruiser (US Navy)
CAHCoalition for Animal Health
CAHCampaign for Affordable Housing (Los Angeles, CA)
CAHCentre d'Animation Historique (French: Animation History Center; Port-Louis, France)
CAHContact Action History
CAHCosine of Angle X = Adjacent Side Length / Hypotenuse Side Length (Right Angled Triangle)
CAHCorporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (UK)
CAHCharge Against Hunger
CAHComité d'Agrément des Hébergeurs (French: Approval Committee of Hosts)
CAHCollege at Home (education)
CAHClinics and Hospitals (California)
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Retrospective evaluation of the prevalence, clinical presentation and biochemical profiles of CAH caused by 21-OH deficiency in children attending a tertiary hospital in Durban, SA.
Should all patients with CAH be referred and staged?
Finally, CARES recognizes that surgical decisions for girls born with CAH are intensely personal, inherently complex, and, at times, deeply divisive.
Current therapy for CAH uses a combination of generic steroids (hydrocortisone, dexamethasone and prednisolone) and, at best, these adequately treat approximately one third of CAH patients.
3) Because of familial marriage in Iran, CAH incidence is high.
El coeficiente de escorrentia permite definir el escurrimiento potencial relativo del area de estudio para cada mes, CAH e inclusive segun el periodo de lluvias.
Nevertheless, given the defendant's strictly verbal conduct, as well as the fact that impingement on quasi-legitimate freedom of expression may be implicated, isolated or sporadic hate speech, as well as hate speech uttered as part of low-level or geographically removed chapeau violence, may not qualify as the actus reus of hate speech as a CAH.
According to time of presentation of androgenization, CAH can be of classic or non classic type.
The program reimburses CAH hospitals for the total cost of providing services to Medicare beneficiaries--costbased reimbursement--provided the hospitals meet several requirements before conversion.
People with CAH are exposed to more androgen - a type of male sex hormone - than is normal while in the uterus.
In the most severe form of the disorder, called salt-wasting CAH, or SWCAH, the body can't maintain a proper fluid balance, setting up a lifelong possibility of acute adrenal crisis characterized by dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, low blood sugar, shock and even death.
At Nuremberg, eighteen defendants out of twenty-two were indicted for CAH (only two of whom were charged only with CAH), (12) and at Tokyo, twenty-eight persons were indicted, but none for only CAH.