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CAHCongenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
CAHCritical Access Hospital
CAHChild and Adolescent Health and Development
CAHChronic Active Hepatitis
CAHCambridge Ancient History
CAHCarbonic Anhydrase
CAHClassification Ascendante Hiérarchique (French: Agglomerative Hierarchical Classification; classification method)
CAHComplexe Argilo Humique (French: Clay-Humic Complex)
CAHCapture and Hold
CAHClub de l'Amélioration de l'Habitat (French: Home Improvement Club)
CAHCertificat d'Aptitude à l'Hyperbarie (French: Hyperbaric Fitness Certificate)
CAHCitizens Against Hate
CAHComputers and the Humanities
CAHCyanide and Happiness (web comic)
CAHCenter for the Advancement of Health
CAHComportement Animal et Humain (French: Animal and Human Behavior)
CAHCentre on Aging and Health
CAHCentre Aquitain de l'Habitat (French: Aquitaine Housing Center; home rehabilitation company; Canéjan, Aquitaine, France)
CAHCinnamic Acid Hydroxylase
CAHHelicopter-Carrying Heavy Cruiser (US Navy)
CAHCoalition for Animal Health
CAHCampaign for Affordable Housing (Los Angeles, CA)
CAHCentre d'Animation Historique (French: Animation History Center; Port-Louis, France)
CAHContact Action History
CAHCosine of Angle X = Adjacent Side Length / Hypotenuse Side Length (Right Angled Triangle)
CAHCorporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (UK)
CAHCharge Against Hunger
CAHComité d'Agrément des Hébergeurs (French: Approval Committee of Hosts)
CAHCollege at Home (education)
CAHClinics and Hospitals (California)
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In the end, given the realities of mass atrocity, the question of whether hate speech not directly calling for violence, on its own, rises to the same level of the other enumerated CAH offenses is strictly academic; as explained, hate speech will necessarily be accompanied by other widespread or systematic inhumane treatment in the CAH context.
The researchers report that females with CAH were significantly more interested than females without CAH in careers related to things compared to careers related to people.
From then on, all our doctors were inundating us with medical books so we could learn about CAH," she said.
Based on this writer's research, some fifty-five states have criminalized CAH in their criminal codes as of December 2010.
We describe the method that was used to establish benchmarks for five indicators of financial performance and condition and present the results of application of the benchmarks to 3 years of recent CAH data.
CAH has also been a test-bed to pioneer new operational processes for DHL.
Hospital CAH status was extracted from IHA records.
2) While rarely clinically recognisable as palpable nodules, they are commonly detected on ultrasound examination in young males with CAH.
As part of a comprehensive population screening program in Bavaria and North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany, 810 000 babies were screened for CAH between January 1999 and December 2003 by use of the AutoDelfia Neonatal 17-OHP test and the Wallac model 1235 automatic immunoassay system.
Subjects from both CAH groups were significantly shorter than the controls.
Interestingly, body mass index also did not differ between the osteopenic and nonosteopenic CAH patients, suggesting that increased body mass index alone does not confer protection from low BMD in this population.
But they don't screen for CAH so people still fall through the net.