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In addressing the racial politics of New York's art world, Cahan shows how aesthetic ideas reflected the underlying structural racism and inequalities that African American artists faced.
The Cahans used a variety of lures in a variety of spots.
Finck allows that, instead of butter, Abe Cahan preferred chicken fat.
Three months after starting the company which created the app, Cahan, right, sold it to Yahoo for between [euro]14million and [euro]22million.
Although Maloof has a far larger stake in Maier's legacy than Goldstein, the book of the latter's collection, compiled and with text by Richard Cahan and Michael Williams, is both more substantial and more informative--not just sketching in much of Maier's early history but illustrating it with her own photographs and providing plenty of firsthand observations of her quirky personality.
restoring the Times Square Theater as a place to celebrate Broadway musicals of the past, the present and the future," said Cora Cahan, president of The New 42nd Street.
IntoNow, which is led by Adam Cahan, a former executive with Google Inc and Viacom Inc's MTV, works with an app on a user's phone which scans the audio waves from TV sets and identifies the programs being aired.
Miller, Abraham Cahan and some fifty other "comrades", sought to create a platform with farther-reaching horizons.
All six lineages are highly distinct according to multiple classes of molecular markers (Helms Cahan and Keller, 2003; Anderson et al.
Such were, for example, the Agranat Commission which investigated the Yom Kippur War and the Cahan Commission on the Sabra and Shatila Massacres.
Cahan wildly overestimated the dangers of revolution and is said to have demonized virtually all critics of the status quo.