CAHCCoalition for Affordable Health Coverage (Washington, DC)
CAHCComplementary and Alternative Health Care
CAHCCommunauté d'Agglomération Hénin-Carvin (French: Agglomeration Community of Hénin-Carvin; Hénin-Carvin, France)
CAHCCanadian Animal Health Coalition
CAHCCapital Area Health Consortium (Connecticut)
CAHCCercle Archeologique Hesbaye-Condroz (French: Hesbaye-Condroz Archaeological Circle; Belgium)
CAHCCherokee Arts and Humanities Council (Park Hill, OK)
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The first Quebec model of CAHC was launched in 2007 (Ordre des infirmieres et infirmiers du Quebec, 2007b).
Because of various legal constraints and with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, the CMQ requires physicians of each health care organization or clinic to adopt their own independent local CAHC in compliance with the provincial model.
Along with the launch of the first provincial model of CAHC in 2007, a 7-hour training program in hormonal contraception was initiated and delivered by two trainers (a physician and a nurse).
As previously reported (Guilbert, Guilbert, et ah, 2011; Guilbert, Robitaille, Guilbert, Morin, & and the Group of experts in Family Planning of the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec, 2013), impediments to implementation include: the high degree of inter-professional collaboration required by the CAHC; the difficulty in sharing tasks previously "owned" by physicians; and the requirement of an independent CAHC in each health, education or other organization.
The CAHC is generally focused on traditional, science-based disease management tools, most notably, animal movement controls.
It has furthermore been stated that South Africa is catching up with the rest of the world in the CAHC field (Plusfile, 2000:1).
This raised the question of whether pharmacy students are adequately trained in CAHC in their curriculum.
These two terms will be used interchangeably in this manuscript due to the fact that, although CAHC may be the more appropriate and technically correct term to use, the survey conducted used the words Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
Strength of CAHC is the sum of all its participants
Reflecting its commitment and expertise in the individual, small group and short-term medical markets, Fortis Health is the only insurance carrier on the board of the CAHC and active in congressional debates.
Opponents of the CAHC support the expansion of current government-assisted programs instead of the provisions of tax incentives to make health insurance coverage affordable.
which made a $20 million equity investment In CAHC in exchange for a 25% equity interest.