CAHDCommunity Approaches to Handicap in Development (Centre for Disability in Development; Yangon, Myanmar)
CAHDCoronary Atherosclerotic Heart Disease
CAHDCentre Aquitain d'Histoire du Droit (French: Aquitaine Law History Center; Aquitaine, France)
CAHDCentre d'Animation du Haut-Doubs (French: Haut-Doubs Animaton Center; Pontarlier, France)
CAHDChronic Acquired Hepatocerebral Degeneration (biomedicine)
CAHDCoalition Against Hardcore Dancing
CAHDCenter Avenue Historic District (Bay City, Michigan)
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General data collection and laboratory indexes: We recorded the general data from all participants including age sex body weight blood pressure; BMI (Body Mass Index) the history of high blood pressure diabetes and CAHD the history of coronary artery stent implantation cigarette smoking alcohol consumption hyperlipemia etc.
05) between 10mg/d treatment group (group A) and 40mg/d treatment group (group B) in the aspect of age sex weight hypertension diabetes history of coronary artery stent implantation cigarette smoking family history of CAHD biochemical index 8-OHdG BMI results of cardiac function and cardiac color Doppler ultrasonic examination.
8-OHdG used to be studied in tumor or other diseases however recent research have found that the 8-OHdG level in human atherosclerotic injury is high7 as well as in DNA abstract from CAHD patients' peripheral blood lymphocyte.
Our developer clients and the thousands of families whose housing needs are served each year by the properties CAHD finances will be the principal beneficiaries of this newly formed, energized municipal finance platform," said Hal Kuykendall, President of CAHD.
CAHD is one of the leading providers of tax-exempt affordable housing financing and consists of four businesses: Investment Banking/Originations, GSE Affordable Housing Finance, Conduit Bond Finance, and Bond Remarketing.