CAHFCalifornia Association of Health Facilities
CAHFChicago Anti-Hunger Federation (Chicago, IL)
CAHFCampaign Against Health Fraud (various locations)
CAHFClaire Altman Heine Foundation (Santa Monica, CA)
CAHFConfiguration-Averaged Hartree-Fock
CAHFConnecticut Association of Healthcare Facilities
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With a goal of providing clinically-advanced products and services to the Association's member base, CAHF offers a limited number of opportunities to key industry partnerships.
Since then, CAHF and COMS have enjoyed a strong relationship, with COMS actively participating in numerous CAHF activities and events throughout the year and CAHF members benefitting from improved outcomes.
It's the first time we ever submitted any program to CAHF for their consideration,'' said Scurlock.
The program commended by CAHF identifies cognitive problems of the elderly, such as feeding, bathing or medicating so that staff can intervene for rehabilitation.
About CAHF Founded in 1950, the California Association of Health Facilities is a non-profit professional association representing skilled-nursing facilities and intermediate-care facilities for the developmentally disabled.
CAHF proposes reform that would assure targeted enforcement against the true poor performers and would put a greater focus on prevention rather than punishment.
Clinical care organizations throughout the country are searching for ways to improve the healthcare provided to their residents/patients and reduce unnecessary returns to hospital," noted Joseph Diaz, CAHF Regional Director.
As the undisputed leader in the national healthcare marketplace, CAHF continues to be on the forefront of clinical and technical advancements," noted Edward J.
MyZiva is a web-based company which can be an invaluable resource for nursing homes looking for resources to help them improve the quality of patient care and for families who need reliable information when facing the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home," said James Gomez, CEO/President of CAHF.
CAHF continues to support the efforts of Lumetra and we applaud its success in California.
Hosted by CAHF, this internationally available job site will prove to be an invaluable tool for anyone looking for experienced long term employees and premium positions in LTC facilities across California.
CAHF has partnered with an Application Service Provider, JobTarget, to supply the state of the art Web software for the Career Center.