CAHICouncil for Affordable Health Insurance
CAHICanadian Association of Home Inspectors
CAHICanadian Animal Health Institute
CAHIConnecticut Association of Home Inspectors (North Haven, CT)
CAHICitizens for Affordable Homes, Inc. (Nevada)
CAHICambodian-American Heritage, Inc. (est. 1980)
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CAHI came to that conclusion in an analysis of the new IRS and U.
One section of the final rule makes it clear that insurers and employers can use cafeteria plans to administer "list billing" arrangements, or arrangements to let employees pay for their own individual health coverage through the employer's payroll deduction system, CAHI says.
Some had questioned whether federal tax regulations really permitted employers to put list billing arrangements in cafeteria plans, CAHI says.
argues in a recent CAHI commentary that the government should let workers escape from the damage that ill-conceived reforms have done to the small group market.
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C1/4 CAHis Majesty also expressed thanks and appreciation to all people that took part in this gathering which reflected the true Bahraini natioal feelings who called for exerting all efforts to protect the national acheivments and maintain the Kingdom as an oasis for peace and security for all from differnt sects and relegions without any interference in its local affairs except from its people through reconcilation for the benifit of the Kingdom and its people.
A note under Bruckner, Symphonies, mentions that the database includes the most widely-performed versions of the symphonies, and uses the cahis numbering system.