CAHICouncil for Affordable Health Insurance
CAHICanadian Association of Home Inspectors
CAHICanadian Animal Health Institute
CAHIConnecticut Association of Home Inspectors (North Haven, CT)
CAHICambodian-American Heritage, Inc. (est. 1980)
CAHICitizens for Affordable Homes, Inc. (Nevada)
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The study's author, CAHI Research and Policy Director Victoria C.
When policymakers complain about the high cost of health insurance, CAHI wants legislators to know they are partially to blame.
According to our study, Health Insurance Mandates in the States, the number of mandated benefits continues to grow - to 2,156 nationwide, up from 2,133 last year," reported Victoria Craig Bunce, CAHI Research and Policy Director.
Policymakers are increasingly focused on how to reduce the number of uninsured Americans and lower the cost of health insurance," stated CAHI State Affairs Director Kevin Wrege.
Prior to joining CAHI, Kevin managed all state legislative and regulatory affairs in the southeast as Sr.
Kevin is one of the country's best state health policy advocates and an expert on health insurance issues," said CAHI Director Dr.
Since 1992, CAHI has been the principled, free-market voiceprotecting and promotingaccess, affordability and choice in American health care.
As a companion piece to our renowned study, "Health Insurance Mandates in the States, 2011," the "Trends, 2011" paper takes the 2,262 mandates CAHI identified this year and forecasts what's ahead for legislators and policy makers.
The Republican Party Platform tackles one of the fundamental problems with our health care system: costly mandates which have driven health insurance premiums out of the reach of millions of American consumers," added Victoria Craig Bunce, CAHI Research and Policy Director.
The November elections will be the next battleground on which the fate of the federal health care reform law is decided," explained Roy Ramthun, CAHI Director of Federal Affairs.
CAHI is eager to work with Nebraska and other states as they implement these important principles," said Roy Ramthun, CAHI Director of Federal Affairs.
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