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One available variant of the logic model approach lies in the payback framework (Buxton and Hanney 1994) which is a common approach to PM of research internationally (see CAHS 2009).
Don represented CAHS as president of the HSA in his two-year term from 2003 to 2005, particularly in helping organize the Centennial "Lily and the Rose Conference," with the Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society in 2005.
Participants were asked to respond to each item on the modified CAHS based on their cognitive appraisal of their status over the last week.
A CAHS brochure stated that the school is ``recognized by both the state of California and the federal government as an institution conferring the high school diploma for students to participate in financial aid programs at accredited colleges and universities.
Greg Bretthauer, dean of students at CAHS, was enthusiastic about the results: "If they don't come doped up on bad food, by God, they have the chance to learn something.
Echeverria filed a lawsuit last year asking that her $475 in CAHS tuition be refunded.
A school brochure said, ``We are committed in a special way to help the Hispanic population, and I (Gossai), as principal of CAHS, have accepted my calling from God to help the Hispanic population to improve their lives and to get out of poverty.
This book reproduces a number of articles from the CAHS Journal reflecting the bravery of Canadian airmen during the war.
To capitalize on this success and also realizing that there is perhaps a need for this kind of historical enquiry in the secondary schools, the CAHS has commissioned a "Teacher's Guide" to be written.
On May 22, Bill Baergen, president of CAHS, talked about the "Ku Klux Klan in Central Alberta.
The annual CAHS bus tour in the first week of June is a four day trip through the Rockies and south eastern BC.
Credit concerns include the start-up nature of CAHS and a policy of distributing 50% of "system free cash flow" (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization less principal and interest on debt and capital lease payments) each fiscal year to the founding members.