CAHSCanadian Aviation Historical Society
CAHSColumbus Alternative High School (Columbus, OH)
CAHSCenter for Advanced Holocaust Studies (US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC)
CAHSCathedral High School
CAHSCrispus Attucks High School (Indiana)
CAHSChesaning Area Historical Society (Michigan)
CAHSCivilian Award for Humanitarian Service (federal civil service)
CAHSChateauroux American High School
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One available variant of the logic model approach lies in the payback framework (Buxton and Hanney 1994) which is a common approach to PM of research internationally (see CAHS 2009).
Participants were asked to respond to each item on the modified CAHS based on their cognitive appraisal of their status over the last week.
A CAHS brochure stated that the school is ``recognized by both the state of California and the federal government as an institution conferring the high school diploma for students to participate in financial aid programs at accredited colleges and universities.
Greg Bretthauer, dean of students at CAHS, was enthusiastic about the results: "If they don't come doped up on bad food, by God, they have the chance to learn something.
The story of the CAHS began in the early 1990s, starting with the efforts of retired Red Deer lawyer, Allan Byrne Armstrong (19271997).
Reseda resident Bessy Echeverria, a 28-year-old immigrant from El Salvador, led the charge to close the school in California after officials at the Los Angeles Unified School District's West Valley Occupation Center would not accept her CAHS diploma for admission.
Under the changes the two Health Boards governing CAHS and TEHS were dissolved on 30 June 2017.
From our perspective, these series of allegations and complaints are the first in the history of CAHS,'' Furstman said.
This book reproduces a number of articles from the CAHS Journal reflecting the bravery of Canadian airmen during the war.
Contract awarded for The CAHS is seeking offers for the provision of a Senior Executive, Organisational Change Practitioner to support organisational change in collaboration with the CAHS Executive, to implement the recommendations of the CAHS Review of the morale and engagement of clinical staff at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH)
The participants in the CAHS Forum recommended that the Academy sponsor an initiative to provide a clear, evidence-based case for a coherent national approach to the care and management of this growing number of vulnerable older adults and their families--one that informs system level policy change.
To capitalize on this success and also realizing that there is perhaps a need for this kind of historical enquiry in the secondary schools, the CAHS has commissioned a "Teacher's Guide" to be written.