CAHSEECalifornia High School Exit Exam
CAHSEECenter for the Advancement of Hispanics in Science and Engineering Education
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In California, 85% of all students are reported to have scored as passing the CAHSEE, while 93% of White, non-Hispanic students scored as passing, 80% of Hispanic students, and 43% of ELLs passed the exam (California Department of Education, 2015b).
Here I was, a first-year teacher dealing with a senior who couldn't pass the math CAHSEE, arguably through no fault of her own.
Unlike the CAHSEE, where graduation is contingent upon a passing score, there is no real reason for students to view the STAR as anything more than a hoop to jump through each spring.
This meant the class of 2005 had already taken the CAHSEE in 2003 as 10th graders thinking that they had to pass the test.
While Cortines said state budget cuts would reduce the amount of funding CAHSEE intervention programs will receive next year, David Kietzman, executive director of Youth Speaks Collective, an East Valley advocacy group, said one way to prevent a dip in scores is through better preparation in the eighth or ninth grade.
AYP targets were fully met and most notable, the pass rate of tenth-graders on the CAHSEE soared to 69 percent.
As an illustration, according to the California Department of Education (2002) during the 2000-2001 academic year, only 25% of Latino high school students passed the mathematics portion of the CAHSEE whereas 64% of the White students were successful.
This student also mentioned problems with the CAHSEE, remembering
Finally I'd cut K-12 education by getting rid of either STAR or CAHSEE testing.
Students with disabilities are held to the same standards as other students when taking CAHSEE but they are assessed differently, says Jill Larson, consultant in the special education division of the California education department.