CAHUCalifornia Association of Health Underwriters
CAHUCombustion Air Handling Unit (automotive testing)
CAHUColumbus Association of Health Underwriters (Ohio)
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In addition to CAHU and individual health coverage providers, the list of California insurance industry organizations opposing S.
CAHU is a chapter of the National Association of Underwriters (NAHU) which represents more than 100,000 professional health insurance agents and brokers who provide insurance for millions of Americans.
The article states that "In most CAHU and CRAH implementations it is necessary to maintain a fixed fan speed to deliver the necessary pressure for uniform airflow through delivery vents.
CAHU and CRAH equipment have lower sensible heat ratios than IRAH and likely require additional energy consumption to maintain space humidity requirements.
CAHU is hoping policymakers will not have "to reach legislation defining a floor for compensation," Lujan said.
Lujan said CAHU members might be able to bridge the divide by coming up with eligibility verification methods for consumers who have a hard time documenting SEP eligibility through electronic systems.
Since CRAH and CAHU systems use a plenum for supply air delivery (and warm air return in certain designs), a significant amount of fan horsepower is required to pressurize the plenum and overcome resistances in the air-distribution system.
CAHU calls for gradually expanding eligibility for subsidies as the state demonstrates it can fund the premium support.
Typical agent agreements contain provisions that govern how an agreement can be changed or terminated, but they often include another provision giving the carrier the authority to nullify any contract provision, if the carrier finds that necessary, CAHU says.
The primary objective of the CAHU Report was to analyze the theory and evidence on centralized health care systems and apply those findings to the practical application of a single-payer style health care system in California as proposed by State Senator Sheila Kuehl in her bill, SB 840.
With the passage of Senator John Burton's employer-mandated health care bill, the entire nation is watching California," said CAHU President Jeffrey Miles.
Editor's Note: CAHU representatives are available throughout the state to comment on the financial privacy bill.