CAIBColumbia Accident Investigation Board (NASA)
CAIBCanadian Accredited Insurance Broker
CAIBCommunity Action Information Board
CAIBCaribbean Association of Indigenous Banks, Inc.
CAIBCalifornia Association of Independent Business, Inc.
CAIBCertified Associate of the Institute of Bankers (academic degree; South Africa)
CAIBCanadian Aerosol Information Bureau
CAIBComputer-Anwendungs- und Industrie-Beratungs-GmbH
CAIBCredit Agricole Indosuez Belgique
CAIBCalifornia Associated Insurance Brokers (San Francisco, CA)
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Key works among the 100-plus produced thus far under the auspices of CEFREC and CAIB include: 1998's award-winning Qati Qati (Whispers of Death), La Nacion Clandestina (The Clandestine Nation) in 1989 and last year's Aymaranakan Sarawinakapa (Traditional Aymara Democracy).
For O'Keefe, the decision was made because he didn't believe the mission would be "compatible with the recommendations" made by the CAIB.
In communications to employees, NASA leaders have emphasized that the BST-led culture change effort will be the integration point for all other organizational culture efforts related to the CAIB recommendations, including OneNASA, Return-to-Flight, and the Diaz Implementation.
In parallel, the CAIB was critical of "the lack, over the past three decades, of any national mandate providing NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) a compelling mission requiring human presence in space.
A strong lobby with representatives from CAIB, Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FMRC) and the aerosol division of the Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association (CSMA), resulted in a regulatory exemption for aerosols collected through municipal recycling programs.
In addition to protecting the pad structures from rust degradation, the corrosion control effort aims to reduce the likelihood of foreign object debris, or FOD, a key CAIB concern.
A High Court writ has been issued against the CAIB (UK) Ltd, Railtrack and Engineering Link.
The faulty wagon, owned by CAIB UK Ltd, had travelled 69,000 miles after a safety test - more than twice the recommended limit.
It is noted in the letter that AirLiance will provide support and advice to CASGC, CAIB, Chinese Airlines and other Chinese entities to develop the Xi'an project.
Lead-managers of the transaction will be Erste Group Bank and UniCredit CAIB.
In a third deal, CAIB UK Limited has taken 2,500 sq ft of office accommodation at Haslemere Estates' Berkeley Business Park at Warndon, also through GSD who are sole agents on the scheme.