CAICColorado Avalanche Information Center
CAICCaribbean Association of Industry and Commerce
CAICCalifornia Alliance for Inclusive Communities
CAICCult Awareness and Information Centre (Brisbane, Australia)
CAICCanadian Association of Interventional Cardiology
CAICConsistent Akaike's Information Criterion
CAICCampaign Against Immigration Controls (UK)
CAICContractor Appraisal Information Center (US Army Corps of Engineers)
CAICClub Alpino del Instituto de Ciencias (Spanish: Alpine Club of the Institute of Science; Mexico)
CAICChemical Accident/Incident Control
CAICCorps Airspace Information Center
CAICCatanduanes Agricultural and Industrial College
CAICChild Abuse Index Check
CAICCard Accepter Identification Code (EFTPOS transactions)
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With Windchill, CAIC has gained standardized project definition, implementation and control activities, while shedding repetitive design steps and product development costs.
This delivery to CAIC of our HS-29700 Electric Rescue Hoist System represents an important step in the introduction of Breeze-Eastern Rescue Hoists into the People's Republic of China and makes Breeze-Eastern one of the first U.
We wanted an insurance system solution that had been built to support large and complex operations and that also had the pricing and BPO flexibility that would be attractive to our smaller, current operation," said Luis Bordes, President of CAIC.
SCIC, CAIC, and CIC's primary line of risk-bearing business is commercial insurance.
The overall CAIC involved two components: research and intervention.
The snowboarders had ventured from the main ski pass in Loveland Pass into an area which CAIC officials had warned presented a "considerable" danger of avalanches, with warnings in place to carefully evaluate snowpack conditions, choose routes carefully, and make conservative decisions before venturing out.
And with the 2009 addition of CAIC, now called Aflac Group Insurance, Aflac U.
However, it is straightforward to calculate information criteria based on the maximized log-likelihood functions: for all of the Akaike's Information Criterion (AIC), Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC) and CAIC (corrected AIC) measures (see, e.
Details: Ms Candice Lawrence, Program Officer, CAIC.
The CAIC also questioned the estimated cost of a plan that is based on a study conducted in 2002.
Ecuador's growing debt over the last three decades, the CAIC concluded, "has been characterized by little transparent management," and has led to debt servicing crowding out other budgetary expenditures and "the recurrent dependency of the State and the national economy" on ongoing credit and negotiations from foreign lenders.