CAICCCenter for Advanced Illness Coordinated Care (Albany, NY)
CAICCCareer Academy for International Culture and Commerce (Clearwater High School; Florida)
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see also CAICC, supra note 38 ("Recent polls indicate that Americans strongly favor the ICC, and our alliance was created to allow Chicago individuals and organizations to make it clear to our elected officials that our government's present obstruction of the Court is inconsistent with our core values, and that our appreciation for freedom and the protection of human rights demand that the U.
In terms of staff training and support to get a good command of ICTs, mention should be made of the work done by Informorac (National Initiative on Mobile Training for Community Radios), created in 2003, in Guinea-Bissau, and by CAICC (Community Communication and Information Support Centre), created in 2006, in Mozambique, whose attributions are similar: technical support through training courses and follow up visits, productions of tools and useful studies for regional activities and strengthening of decentralised dynamics through partnerships with other organisations for local development.