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CAIDACooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
CAIDACity of Albany Industrial Development Agency (Albany, NY)
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Ya en 1927 es motivo de preocupacion entre ganaderos y aficionados, pero ha sido en los ultimos anos cuando las caidas se generalizan y son mas frecuentes y alarmantes (Alonso y col, 1995a).
The CAIDA paper also credits Witty with accomplishing an amazing task: It infected no hosts in the first ten seconds of its spread, meaning that it likely used a list of computers known to be vulnerable (the paper calls the chances of a single instance of a worm infecting so many machines randomly in so short a time "vanishingly small").
The Sapphire worm's scanning technique was so aggressive that it quickly interfered with its own growth,' CAIDA said in a report.
The fact that there's been a 50 percent reduction in less than 24 hours is an amazing improvement over Code Red," said David Moore, a senior researcher at CAIDA.
A special seminar address will be provided by Professor K C Claffy, Principal Investigator at CAIDA, San Jose, CA on Data Traffic.
CAIDA TILE 89 - Grey 20, Cabrera 12, Paniamogan 12, Robles 11, Perkins 8, Corpuz 6, Parala 5, Jalalon 4, Lozada 3, Gabawan 2, Nambatac 2, Ruaya 2, Terso 2.
Prior to starting Caimis, Tracie Monk co-founded and served as director of the University of California's CAIDA Internet research group and was instrumental in establishing San Diego's SD-NAP facility for the exchange of Internet commercial and research traffic.
CAIDA TILES 118-Paniamogan 19, Grey 18, Jalalon 16, Nambatac 9, Gabawan 8, Terso 8, Javier 7, Perkins 7, Ruaya 7, Corpuz 6, Robles 6, Lozada 5, Cabrera 2, Maiquez 0.
CAIDA Tiles spoiled Mac Belo's record-breaking outing as the Tile Masters walloped Phoenix-Far Eastern University, 108-91, Monday in the PBA D-League Aspirants Cup at Filoil Flying V Arena in San Juan.
CAIDA TILE 108 - Jalalon 21, Paniamogan 19, Perkins 12, Grey 11, Nambatac 11, Javier 10, Terso 9, Ruaya 7, Cabrera 3, Gabawan 3, Robles 2, Lozada 0, Maiquez 0.
Segun la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud, las caidas son la segunda causa de muerte por lesiones accidentales o intencionales en todo el mundo.