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Shymkentnefteorgsintez's main shareholders then were CAIH (nearly 51%), Kazkommertsbank (10%) and KazkommertsSecurities (10%).
installment in the amount of[euro] 20 million, (ii) CAIH will sell and
In addition, Casino Austria International Holding GmbH ("CAIH"), an affiliate of CAAG, has granted CHL an option to acquire either 50% or 75% of the issued share capital of Grand Casino Brussels, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CAIH, by paying CAIH either 50% or 87.
On 30 March 2010, Vasanta notified CAIH of the exercise of the Put
CAIH Note") of Chaparral payable to CAIH, with a principal amount of $4
Prior to the sale, CAIH had the right, under a shareholders' agreement with Hurricane (as described in Hurricane's annual information form), to have two representatives on Hurricane's Board of Directors.
Following this offer, CAIH has offered to pay Vasanta a non-recurring
PBS to issue and sell to CAIH, among others, ordinary shares of PBS
The clarifications came as a result of concerns that CAIH had raised in a news release and correspondence with securities regulators.
In its meeting on 28 April 2009, Vasanta's BOD resolved to accept the irrevocable offer that it received from CAIH, (the "Offer") to enter into an agreement pursuant to which CAIH will have an option (the "Call Option") to purchase from PBS and Vasanta will have an option (the "Put Option") to cause PBS to issue and sell to CAIH, among others, ordinary shares of PBS constituting 11.
CAIH") reported that today CAIH had, through its counsel, made an application to the Ontario Securities Commission, the Quebec Securities Commission and the Alberta Securities Commission asking the Commissions to, among other things, immediately issue permanent cease trade orders with respect to the debentures that Hurricane Hydrocarbons Ltd.
million payable to CAIH a related party to Nelson (see Note 23).