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CAIICreative Associates International Inc.
CAIICoalition Against Illegal Immigration (political group)
CAIICarbonic Anhydrase Isoenzyme II
CAIIChild Advocates II (est. 1986)
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This study further investigated whether phloretin attenuated the induction of [beta]3 integrin and CAII in OVX-challenged mice.
In the present study the TRAP activity in femoral bone tissues was highly enhanced following the 8 week-estrogen deprivation concomitantly with the induction of [beta]3 integrin and CAII responsible for bone resorption.
Spawning was semiannual at CAI and CAII in 2011 and 2012, and spring spawning took place in 2013 (Fig.
We used dilutions of 1:2 for CAII, 1:400 for NHE3, 1:50 for CFTR, 1:100 for DRA, 1:200 for ATPase [alpha]1, 1:400 for ER[alpha], and 1:400 for ER[beta].
On June 30, 2000, Hurricane made the final cash payment on its acquisition of the shares of OJSC Shymkentnefteorgsyntez (``ShNOS'') previously owned by CAII.
On March 31, 2000, Hurricane closed the acquisition of the ShNOS shares from CAII.
Subkhanberdin, Chairman of the Board of CAII and Mr.
CAII'') and OJSC Kazkommertsbank (``KKB'' jointly announce that they have today entered into a definitive agreement for the acquisition by Hurricane of all of the shares of OJSC Shymkentnefteorgsyntez (``ShNOS'') owned by KKB, CAII and their associated companies (the ``KKB Group'').
CAII is headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado with regional offices nationwide.