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CAIICreative Associates International Inc.
CAIICoalition Against Illegal Immigration (political group)
CAIICarbonic Anhydrase Isoenzyme II
CAIIChild Advocates II (est. 1986)
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As an example, different proportions of gray-meat scallops were inserted into scallop counts, and shell height measurements were made from the School for Marine Science and Technology scallop video survey in 2014 for access areas on Georges Bank, CAII, and NLCA, to determine the effect on the immediate biomass estimate.
Every heuristics and its related recommendations are presented and embedded in CAII system database.
At the end of evaluation the log report interface of CAII system presents the result of our IDS interface as shown in figure 5.
This study further investigated whether phloretin attenuated the induction of [beta]3 integrin and CAII in OVX-challenged mice.
In the present study the TRAP activity in femoral bone tissues was highly enhanced following the 8 week-estrogen deprivation concomitantly with the induction of [beta]3 integrin and CAII responsible for bone resorption.
Dissimilarity values are greatest when comparing WAI and CAI communities and lowest between CAI and CAII communities.
Yellowtail bycatch was estimated based on the results of an experimental scallop fishery conducted in CAII from August to October 1998 (NEFMC 1999, 2003).
A grid-survey design was used in and around GB scallop access areas, including CAII where yellowtail bycatch is typically high (Fig.
We used dilutions of 1:2 for CAII, 1:400 for NHE3, 1:50 for CFTR, 1:100 for DRA, 1:200 for ATPase [alpha]1, 1:400 for ER[alpha], and 1:400 for ER[beta].
Expression of mRNA and immunohistochemical localization of CAII in the efferent ductules
CAII from Homo sapiens (h) and Danio rerio (d), CAIV from Rattus norvegicus (r).
Collection sites at CAI and CAII on Georges Bank (Table 1, Fig.