CAILCenter for American and International Law (Plano, TX)
CAILColorado Academy of Independent Learners (Peyton, CO)
CAILCanadian Airlines International Limited
CAILCater Allen International Limited (investment services; UK)
CAILCEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle) Avionics Integration Laboratory (NASA Orion CEV Project Space Shuttle replacement)
CAILCenter for the American Indian Languages (University of Utah)
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CAIL scales to meet the unique requirements of users whether deployed in proprietary trading infrastructure or accessed via Numerix's extensive partner network on a single desktop, across different trading desks, or enterprise-wide.
With CAIL the goal is to package complexity and present simplicity, and through standardization enable prudent model risk management across all trading operations," said Steven R.
With CAIL, Numerix partners and clients can empower Product Control or Risk teams to rapidly create financial instruments, models or curve definitions and publish them into their technology platforms without writing a single new line of code - combining efficient time to market with model consistency and auditability.
I am extremely proud of the work CAIL employees do daily and their commitment to ensuring that the people they support have every opportunity to reach their full potential," said Ronald G.
The P-64 WEB offers fast, low-interference wireless connections, many enterprises will adopt this system in place of wireline alternatives for campus and metropolitan area networks," commented Matt Parmaks, vice president, CAIL.
CAIL works closely with customers to improve the delivery and presentations of information services.
CAIL is a private corporation that was established in 1980 with offices in North America and Resellers in Europe, South America and Asia.
Last week, CAIL issued a purchase order indicating its intention to acquire 750 C-PHONE systems.
For the past five months, CAIL has been evaluating C-PHONE and the desktop video conferencing marketplace by exhibiting C-PHONE at various trade shows and demonstrating the technology to end-users and resellers throughout Canada.