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CAINConflict Archive on the Internet
CAINComputer Algebra Information Network
CAINCanadian Archival Information Network
CAINControlled Access by Individual Number
CAINCreative Arts Investment Network (United Kingdom)
CAINCriminal Activity Intelligence Network
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CHICAGO - Chain drug store operators and other mass market retailers face several threats to their competitiveness from legislation currently being discussed, according to Morrison Cain, vice president of legal and public affairs for the International Mass Retail Association.
Just when scheming Charity thinks she's finally got her claws into her man, she's shocked to hear Cain deny they're having a relationship to Chas.
This text hints at a number of reasons that may have brought Cain to hold himself in high, perhaps too high, esteem.
Iroy said Cain is on a probationary status and whether he will be asked to return in three months is up to the POC.
The new fundraising campaign has been launched via Kickstarter, and is looking to raise PS25,000 so Mr Cain can embark on creating four new lines of watches.
HELLO STRANGER: Joanie and little Kyle surprise Cain
As executive editor, Cain will be responsible for the channel's content, including videos and commentary, and excerpts from his daily radio show, among other things.
Cain, who suffered a hamstring injury in his last pitch of the third inning on May 21, already missed the last 10 games with the injury, but he showed some improvement in the past days after performing well during bullpen session last Wednesday.
Cain filmed the birds last year from their arrival to nest building, egg laying and fledging of youngsters, and also interviewed people with an interest in the colony.
72, and Brenda Martinez - with whom Cain shared lane one to start the race - was second in 1:58.
Cain, who now lives in Texas with her husband and two sons, shares many of her memories through paintings and stories in her book, Art of the Spirit.