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CAINSCarrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation System
CAINSCustomer Agent Information Network System (Mayflower Transit)
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Union Unite is angry Cains told staff by phone and did not offer back pay or redundancy pay.
65 per cent owned by the brothers, who acquired Cains Brewery in 2002.
which manufactures pickles, peppers, relish and sauces for sale under the Cains and Oxford brands.
Ayer, MA-based Cains Foods, which was founded in 1914, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of mayonnaise, pickles, relishes, salad dressings and sauces to the supermarket and food service industries.
Cains says production will only resume if it wins permission to develop the site into a PS50m "brewery village".
Cains joint managing director Sudarghara Dusanj said the forthcoming Royal Wedding could provide the perfect opportunity for customers around the country to become acquainted with the first premium lager to be brewed in Britain.
Cains Finest Lager has just beaten the iPod Nano, George Clooney's LasVegas Casino and Ruinart Champagne to come second in GQ's annual 100 Best Things in the World poll.
Founder Robert Cain was born in 1826 in County Cork.
Where there may still be issues occurring is where they have a middle-man distributor between Cains and the customer.
Already endorsed by leading beer writer Roger Protz, who has described it as "a smooth, refreshing beer using the finest malts and hops", Cains Finest Lager has also been backed by the members of the Campaign for Real Ale.
Cains Export Lager was voted the "Greatest Lager in the World" by GQ magazine.
Cains Beer Company has been in talks with its bankers about its pounds 35m debts since at least April, when the company said it was in ongoing negotiations.