CAIPCenter for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
CAIPCanadian Association of Internet Providers
CAIPCommonwealth Association of Indigenous Peoples (UK)
CAIPCenter for Advanced Information Processing (Advanced Technology Center at Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ)
CAIPCrestron Authorized Independent Programmer (Crestron Electronics, Inc.)
CAIPComputer Aids for Industrial Productivity
CAIPCommercial Automobile Insurance Plan (New Jersey)
CAIPCertified Aviation Insurance Professional
CAIPConsortium of Affiliates for International Programs
CAIPCatholic Association for International Peace
CAIPCustomer Assisted Inspection Program (USDA/State inspection program for fresh fruits and vegetables)
CAIPCalf Intestine Alkaline Phosphatase
CAIPChris Alistair Ian Paul (UK)
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The Kinetica Venture program is also supported by CAIP.
101) See CAIP, supra note 18 (ISPs are not liable for copyright
El objetivo principal de esta adaptacion y la del CAIP fue poder realizar cuestionarios breves que pudieran ser utilizados en un programa autoadministrado via Internet para el miedo a hablar en publico (Gallego, 2007).
This "regulatory guarantee" argument was articulated by Skype in its arguments in CAIP v.
The CAIP, which has been drawn up with advice from Natural England, will require the involvement of many other government departments, its internal services and external organisations, to ensure its success, including community groups, Defra, Department for Transport, Department of Health and SEEDA.
For more information about CAIP, eligibility requirements and other rules, call the SBA's Los Angeles district office at (818) 552-3230 or the NADBank at (562) 908-2100.
Our Government is strongly committed to initiatives that support science, technology and the growth of innovative Canadian firms, which strengthen our communities, said Minister Rickford, highlighting CAIP during his visit to TeraXion Inc.
Projects must be commissioned by a certified Crestron lighting dealer, CAIP (Crestron Authorized Independent Programmer) or Crestron field technician.
Otras medidas como el CAIP, la ejecucion en la TD y el SISST-P correlacionaron moderada y positivamente con el PRCS-M.
we were looking to partner with a authorized Crestron CAIP firm, who would take the time to make something special.
Recognizing the need to address both indoor and outdoor environmental asthma triggers, CAIP worked with individuals and communities to address poor air quality.
While most Canadian ISPs are members of CAIP and endorse the CA/P