CAIRClean Air Interstate Rule (EPA)
CAIRCouncil on American-Islamic Relations
CAIRCenter for AIDS Intervention Research
CAIRChanging Attitudes in Recovery
CAIRCalifornia Association for Institutional Research
CAIRCanadian Association of Interns and Residents
CAIRCenter for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
CAIRComprehensive Assessment Information Rule (TSCA)
CAIRContent Analysis and Information Retrieval
CAIRCorps Area of Intelligence Responsibility
CAIRCountermeasures, Airborne, Infrared
CAIRCommunity Airport Impact Review
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SEE: CAIR Asks President Obama to Condemn Islamophobia During Address to Nation on Terror
While states currently have flexibility in determining which emission sources are affected and what control measures will be adopted to meet CAIR targets, it is very likely that most states will opt for a cap and trade program, forcing sources to make a decision: install controls or buy emissions allowances.
Minnesota Power is not challenging CAIR in order to avoid future emissions reductions," said Don Shippar, ALLETE President and CEO.
Video: CAIR Calls for Protection of Kentucky Mosque Targeted by Terror Threat https://www.
He also cited the many condemnations of the Paris attacks by CAIR and by the American Muslim community.
Haslam has since joined CAIR in expressing concerns about the legislation.
SEE: CAIR Asks Mosques Nationwide to Take Added Safety Measures Prior to Anti-Islam Rallies October 10 http://tinyurl.
Video: Full CAIR News Conference Calling on Ben Carson to Withdraw from Presidential Race https://www.
WHERE: CAIR Capitol Hill Headquarters, 453 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Washington, DC
In August, CAIR released a new brief, called "Toxic Hate," indicating that rhetorical attacks on the nation's Muslim community in the past year have a "more violent tone" than past spikes in Islamophobic sentiment.
Video: CAIR Disputes Arrest of Texas Muslim Student Who Brought Clock Mistaken for Bomb to School https://www.
Earlier this year, CAIR did receive a letter from the DOJ announcing a decision to "monitor" a Hot Springs, Ark.