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CAIRNSCooperative Information Retrieval Network for Scotland (UK)
CAIRNSCluster and Infall Region Nearby Survey (spectroscopic survey)
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Patrick Cairns occupies too large a proportion of our carpet.
When I found Patrick Cairns among the harpooners, my research was nearing its end.
Constantly my eyes scanned the blinding waste of sand for the ricky cairn beneath which I was to find the wires leading to Pellucidar--but always was I unsuccessful.
There is always a breeze in the "camp," as it is called; and here it lies, just as the Romans left it, except that cairn on the east side, left by her Majesty's corps of sappers and miners the other day, when they and the engineer officer had finished their sojourn there, and their surveys for the ordnance map of Berkshire.
It places again this exceptional prehistoric resource in the public arena, and let us hope, stimulates the new fieldwork, interest and research that the Scottish cairns deserve.
Cairns saw his first dark shape, the Big Emu, in 1994, and gradually found the Snake, human figures and the Earth Mother, Dungdung; he recognised that in his perception of these figures he had created a personal Gestalt which he would never be able to forget.
CHRIS CAIRNS excelled in New Zealand's three-match series against Australia earlier this month and the veteran allrounder can continue to wow the Kiwi crowds in the Black Caps' limited-overs competition with Sri Lanka, writes Dan Childs.
Cairns said Wednesday she only went public about her financial troubles because a reporter from The (Roseburg) News-Review had interviewed her about them prior to the evening's forum.
While RCAP proposes a re-definition of the community of Canadian citizenship, Cairns proposes a means to include Aboriginal individuals more fully in an already-existing community of Canadian citizens, one that many Aboriginals consider illeg itimate.
But Cairns rattled up figures of five for seven in 6.
Cairns' belief that a paradigm shift to assess the value of natural capital is crucial for this planet's sustained use is understandable and warranted; however, in achieving this goal, Cairns fails to realize that the shift, especially in a democracy, must be directed from below, from the body politic, and not from scientists, lawyers, or politicians.
Flight 608 from Melbourne landed in Cairns safely and was examined by Qantas engineers at Cairns Airport; however they were unable to detect the fumes and cleared the aircraft safe for flying.