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CAISCommon APSE (Ada Programming Support Environment) Interface Set
CAISCalifornia Association of Independent Schools
CAISCanadian Agricultural Income Stabilization (Canada)
CAISCentro de Atendimento a Incidentes de Segurança (Portugese)
CAISCanadian Agricultural Income Stabilization Program (also seen as CAISP)
CAISChinese-American International School (San Francisco, California)
CAISCircle of Ancient Iranian Studies (School of Oriental & African Studies)
CAISComplete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
CAISCanadian Association for Information Science (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
CAISCommunications of the Association for Information Systems
CAISCentre for Australian Indigenous Studies (Monash University, Australia)
CAISConnecticut Association of Independent Schools (Mystic, Connecticut)
CAISCanadian Association for Irish Studies (Montreal, Canada)
CAISCentre for Advanced Information Systems
CAISCenter for Applied Isotope Studies (University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia)
CAISCredit Account Information Sharing (Experian)
CAISChemical Agent Identification Set
CAISCollaborative Asynchronous Inspection of Software
CAISCaribbean Agricultural Information Service
CAISCentre for Advanced Instrumentation Systems
CAISCommon Airborne Instrumentation System
CAISCanadian Agricultural Income Support
CAISCírculo de Apoio à Integração Dos Sem-Abrigo (Portugal)
CAISChristian Alliance International School
CAISCertified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist
CAISCentre for Arab and Iranian Studies
CAISCartilage Autograft Implantation System
CAISCenter for American Intercultural Studies
CAISComprehensive Airman Information System
CAISComparative Anatomy Information System
CAISCanadian Association for Interoperable Systems
CAISCollocated Automatic Intercept System
CAISConcordia Administrative Information System (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod)
CAISCenter for Advanced Intelligent Systems (Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas)
CAISComputer-Aided Instructional System
CAISCampus Advanced Information System (University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada)
CAISCentral Assessment Information System
CAISCommercial Activities Inventory System
CAISComputer-Aided Integrated Systems Laboratory
CAISCommunicative Arts and Integrative Studies
CAISCentre for Archive Information Studies
CAISCorrectional Assessment and Intervention System
CAISCorporate Administrative Information System
CAISComputer-Aided Instrumentation Support System
CAISCentral American Integration System (various nations)
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Founded in 1981, CAIS is a preK-8th grade independent school in San Francisco, California that offers a bilingual and multicultural learning experience for students of all backgrounds.
The Institute promotes professional development, community outreach, and educational programs developed over the past 25 years at CAIS, the oldest PreK-8 Chinese-English immersion school in the nation.
Additionally, the call will be webcast and can be accessed on the CAIS Website, www.
Michael Lee, an extremely talented individual, comes to CAIS with significant experience in operating and implementing new strategies for Internet companies," said Ulysses G.
CAIS Internet was one of the original Tier 1 Internet Service Providers to connect to MAE East, and was one of the first companies in the country to offer DSL services, the latest in high-speed Internet access technology.
These two initiatives will allow CAIS to capture a large amount of business from this contract.
The public area kiosk business of CAISSoft will continue to be a part of CAIS Internet, and will be managed by Sal Provenza, Vice President.
CAIS creates a low cost, convenient in-building network and content service for multiple users with proprietary and patented technologies.
CAIS provides the mobile workforce with comprehensive high speed Internet solutions while at home in apartments, at work during the day in small-to-medium businesses, or on-the-go at airports, travel plazas, cruise ships, retail stores, and in hotel guest and meeting rooms.
In addition, CAIS will offer HNS' DirecPC(R) two-way high-speed Internet service to consumers for use in their homes.
This represents a new deal prototype for CAIS", said William Caldwell, President of CAIS Internet.
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