CAISOCalifornia Independent System Operator
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The GMC is collected by CAISO on a bi-weekly basis to pay operating expenses, including capital expenditures and debt service.
Mirant also has responded to several requests from the CAISO to put off maintenance of our aging equipment and continue operating.
Currently, CAISO is collectively provided with more than 60% of its grid management charge (GMC) by the three largest investor-owned utilities in California: Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E, IDR 'A-'), Southern California Edison (SoCalEd, IDR 'A-'), and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E, IDR 'A+' on Rating Watch Negative).
In March 2009, the new CAISO market, formerly known as MRTU, went into operation, and CAISO now has a day-ahead market, a real-time market, and a state estimator for the transmission network, as well as the ability to offer congestion revenue rights and settle and conduct market clearing functions.
This finding suggests that as CAISO solar penetration grows it will increase power plant wear and tear at CAISO power plants more than a similar increase in wind penetration.
What was supposed to happen was by deregulating at the retail level and setting up the PX and CAISO, "hundreds" of new, creative, efficient power generators and suppliers would compete in this vibrant, transparent, fully competitive marketplace.
It performs coordinated marginal (opportunity) cost-based energy and ancillary service procurement, congestion management, full-fledged contingency analysis using SCUC and Reliability (or Residual) Unit Commitment (RUC) and SCED similar to those used by most market operators in the country, including CAISO.
As area PTO, TBC is entitled to a share of the total transmission fees collected by CAISO, effectively mitigating revenue, price, and volume risk.
As per the terms of the agreement, CAISO generators will respond to fluctuations from IIPs, which should decrease wear and tear on IID generators and make available extra energy generation capacity.
CAISO issued the alert for August 10 through August 12 after a large power plant in Southern California tripped offline last night, and in response to forecasts that temperatures will continue rising through the weekend, increasing expected demand for electricity for air conditioning to near record levels.
For example, if CAISO needs to curtail the output of the coordinated operation to maintain grid stability, the Ovation system will calculate the most economical way to achieve the new megawatt target.
California s transmission grid operator CAISO shows several major projects went online, which contributed strongly to the total.
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