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CAIUSCarotid Atherosclerosis Italian Ultrasound Study
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A notice announcing the death of Professor Stephen Hawking outside Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge after the death of the British scientist, below YUI MOK
Thinking fast, Caius throws himself upon the general (who, in attempting to swat away the mad, deadly insects, has fallen from his horse), thus sparing the superior officer a possible fatal fate.
Apart from his extended introduction in act 1, scene 1, Caius rarely reappears in the first act, and even in the second act, he spends most of his onstage time observing others by perching himself on an elevated terrace where, he assures his complicit servant, "we see and are not seen" (p.
Future comparative work on Takamiya MS 33 and Gonville and Caius College, MS 336/725 must take into account the presence and the idiosyncrasies of the Takamiya copy of Somniale Danielis as well as the ramifications of its codicology.
Faifer's turn as Doctor Caius, though, is almost laughably over the top, as if he's Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau on French amphetamines.
Por otra parte, el analisis detallado de los manuscritos de Orleans, Bibliotheque Municipale 222 (194) Y Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College 393 (455), muestra que en relacion con la obra de Ivo, es mejor utilizar la expresion de <<familias textuales>>.
Will she finally submit to her passionate, sexual desires or will Caius happen to be like all the other foul men, with one thing on their mind ?
The first of two volumes that will index English manuscripts in Cambridge collections, this volume contains manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum and Christ's, Clare, Corpus Christi, Emmanuel, and Gonville and Caius Colleges in that city.
The portrayals of the French physician Doctor Caius and nephew to the Justice Slender had similar problems.
There currently are no genetically modified potatoes in American stores, according to Caius Rommens, Simplot's lead biologist on the project.
A native of Sheffield, England, Page received his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in physics from Gonville & Caius College in Cambridge, England.